The word Allah- Who is Allah?

Written by Mohammad Ali Abid

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Suffice it to say that just because someone claims to be a "monotheistic" Jew, Christian or Muslim, that doesn't keep them from falling into corrupt beliefs and idolatrous practices. Many people, including some Muslims, claim belief in "One God" even though they've fallen into acts of idolatry. Certainly, many Protestants accuse Roman Catholics of idolatrous practices in regards torepparttar saints andrepparttar 109430 Virgin Mary. Likewise,repparttar 109431 Greek Orthodox Church is considered "idolatrous" by many other Christians because in much of their worship they use icons. However, if you ask a Roman Catholic or a Greek Orthodox person if God is "One", they will invariably answer: "Yes!”… …This brings us to a more important point: It should be clearly understood that what Islam is primarily concerned with is correcting mankind's concept of Almighty God. What we are ultimately going to be held accountable atrepparttar 109432 end of our life is not whether we preferrepparttar 109433 word "Allah" overrepparttar 109434 word "God", but what our concept of God is. Language is only a side issue. A person can have an incorrect concept of God while usingrepparttar 109435 word "Allah", and likewise a person can have a correct concept of God while usingrepparttar 109436 word "God". This is because both of these words are equally capable of being misused and being improperly defined. As we've already mentioned, usingrepparttar 109437 word "Allah" no more insinuates belief inrepparttar 109438 Unity of God thanrepparttar 109439 use ofrepparttar 109440 word "God" insinuates belief inrepparttar 109441 Trinity - or any other theological opinion. Naturally, when God sends a revelation to mankind through a prophet, He is going to send it in a language thatrepparttar 109442 people who receive it can understand and relate to. Almighty God makes this clear inrepparttar 109443 Qur'an, when He states:

Never did We send a Messenger except (to teach) inrepparttar 109444 language of his (own) people in order to make (things) clear to them." (Qur'an, Chapter 14 - "Abraham", Verse 4)

As Muslims, we think that it is unfortunate that we have to go into details on such seemingly minor issues, but so many falsehoods have been heaped upon our religion, that we feel that it is our duty to try to break downrepparttar 109445 barriers of falsehood. This isn't always easy, since there is a lot of anti-Islamic literature in existence which tries to make Islam look like something strange and foreign to Westerners. There are some people out there, who are obviously not onrepparttar 109446 side of truth, that want to get people to believe that "Allah" is just some Arabian "God", and that Islam is completely "other" - meaning that it has no common roots withrepparttar 109447 other Abrahamic religions (i.e. Christianity and Judaism). To say that Muslims worship a different "God" because they say "Allah" is just as illogical as saying that French people worship another God because they userepparttar 109448 word "Dieu", that Spanish-speaking people worship a different God because they say "Dios" or thatrepparttar 109449 Hebrews worshipped a different God because they sometimes call Him "Yahweh". Certainly, reasoning like this is quite ridiculous! It should also be mentioned, that claiming that any one language usesrepparttar 109450 only correct word for God is tantamount to denyingrepparttar 109451 universality of God's message to mankind, which was to all nations, tribes and people through various prophets who spoke different languages.”

Mohammad Ali is an islamic Scholar and By profession he is an business personality.he has made many research in islaam.

Specialized Solutions, Inc. Announces CompTIA CAQC Certification for its CDIA+ Training Course

Written by Cheryl Pelchat

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Specialized Solutions, Inc. deliversrepparttar most comprehensive CDIA+ training available. Our CDIA+ Trainer, Byron Aulick, deliversrepparttar 109429 materials required to easily pass CDIA+ certification exam. In addition to interactive multimedia computer based training, participants will receive CDIA+ Training & Test Preparation Guides and practice exam simulators. The total package ensures that they'll will not only pass CDIA+ exams, but also obtainrepparttar 109430 skills needed to succeed as a document imaging professional.

About Specialized Solutions, Inc.

Upon Specialized Solutions, Inc.'s inception in 1996repparttar 109431 company focused primarily on training forrepparttar 109432 IT industry. Specialized Solutions has since expanded its horizons, offering custom computer based training (CBT), onsite instructor-led training, and online training strategies for a vast array of topics involving many aspects of corporate technology and culture. Specialized Solutions utilizes learning techniques to address an individual's learning style through *SAVI concepts.

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