The when, how and why of using transparent gif graphics to cross link pages

Written by Michael Campbell

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You can copy and pasterepparttar graphic as many times as you need, each time makingrepparttar 132019 gif link to a different web page. Some of my customers just make a stock footer that goes on repparttar 132020 bottom of every single web page they create. This footer contains contact info, navigation panel, copyright info and you guessed it, hundreds of invisible pixel links. You can take a look at one such page here:

Atrepparttar 132021 bottom ofrepparttar 132022 page there are around fifty or so links, can you see them? The search engine can. To seerepparttar 132023 invisible links, just "View Source" in your browser window, or saverepparttar 132024 page to your hard drive and open it up with an html editor. Note that I have links leading to home pages, internal pages and hook (doorway) pages.

The Technical Stuff

Here isrepparttar 132025 actual html code that goes into making an invisible pixel. First of all, there are two parts to a hypertext link in html code. The first part isrepparttar 132026 url or destination ofrepparttar 132027 link that search engines follow. The second isrepparttar 132028 part that people see onrepparttar 132029 web page asrepparttar 132030 familiar blue underlined text.

This isrepparttar 132031 blue text that people will see.

We can dorepparttar 132032 same thing with a picture or graphic. The first part containsrepparttar 132033 destination.... where I wantrepparttar 132034 search engine to go. The second part calls up a gif graphic called "follow.gif", that is 1 pixel by 1 pixel in size.

What Makes It Invisible

There are two things we need to do, to makerepparttar 132035 graphic invisible. First off we need to use image editing software to makerepparttar 132036 gif transparent. In other words, it takes onrepparttar 132037 same color asrepparttar 132038 background color ofrepparttar 132039 web page, which makes it appear invisible. The good news is, I've already done this part for you withrepparttar 132040 sample you can download. The second part is to make surerepparttar 132041 BORDER="0" inrepparttar 132042 html code. That will prevent a blue border or box from being drawn around your invisible pixels.


I wrote about this technique in my book "Nothing But 'Net" inrepparttar 132043 section entitled "How to ensure a search engine can spider your pages." Its an old tactic that I've used for years. Word got out about cross linking and although this tactic is well publicized, few people have used it, not realizing how powerful and effective it is.

Cross link all of your home pages, internal pages, and hook pages to each other. Whenrepparttar 132044 search engine comes to catalog your page it finds links to all your other pages. Ifrepparttar 132045 engine is a spider it will crawl and add your other pages to its index. Being cross linked gives your pages a greater chance of being cataloged and having your pages "stick" inrepparttar 132046 index. Some search engines even prefer this method of "finding" your pages rather than having you announce them to their submission areas.

Hope this clears uprepparttar 132047 mystery surrounding cross linking and repparttar 132048 invisible pixels.

Michael Campbell Author, "Nothing But 'Net" How I generated $750,000 in internet revenues with no advertising costs.

The Internet is Not Everything to Everyone

Written by Todd Rockwell

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Constructing and presenting useful e-business websites for skilled users is not going to reach or impress millions of potential customers who are not, and probably never will be, skilled users of browsers, email programs, andrepparttar Internet in general. However, these same users can readrepparttar 132018 signs being waved alongsiderepparttar 132019 road, and followrepparttar 132020 directions of pitchmen and women on TV. This does not mean that webmasters need put on a chicken suit and dance along sidewalks waving a sign promoting their website. In fact just such a sign is not like providingrepparttar 132021 customer with a street address. Practically everyone can find a location with a street address. But a large number of people interested in whateverrepparttar 132022 sign might address, still have notrepparttar 132023 knowledge or sufficient interest inrepparttar 132024 Internet to be able to find a URL that may be shown them. The URL could be in a regular magazine or newspaper, or shown on TV or listed on a radio show, and still be in a mysterious, unattainable location for many, many people.

This leads to an unavoidable conclusion. Many products presented onrepparttar 132025 Internet are not available to a large proportion ofrepparttar 132026 population. Andrepparttar 132027 only way to make these products available to them is with person-to-person contact. Tell a friend about a desirable product and show them how to reach it online. Convince others to tell a friend about a desirable product and show them how to reach it online. This cannot be done online. No amount of website information and instructions will have a noticeable effect. The product catalogs need to be online butrepparttar 132028 information on how to reach them cannot be presented only online. The webmaster needs to physically meetrepparttar 132029 public and not depend on achieving success by just sitting atrepparttar 132030 computer and becoming proficient in programming.

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