The very real "great satan"---

Written by James Sorrell

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each other--->"An eye for an eye will only leaverepparttar world blind." - Mahatma Gandhi ), and then ignore them by instituting a planet-wide truce between all people while we sort out our own humanity! --->Make Love, not war!! {***Love is what you do for ALL others that is in their highest or best interest, anytime, anywhere, selflessly! 24/7.....***The real thing applied never fails!} James Sorrell [ or ] .........."The greatest trickrepparttar 132379 devil has ever pulled is convincingrepparttar 132380 world that he doesn't exist"....["The Usual Suspects"]

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Gay Episcopalians

Written by Ed Howes

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Entertainment overcomes apathy for as long asrepparttar session lasts. We watch, we care, we stop watching, and we forget we care. Apathy tempers our interest and excitement just enough so we can get offrepparttar 132376 emotional roller coaster we love torepparttar 132377 point of exhaustion; a building block for apathy.

Motivator Tony Robbins tells us we only have two basic motives to do anything. We act to avoid pain or receive pleasure. If apathy seems like it is not doing anything, it is avoiding pain. Perhaps being apathetic inrepparttar 132378 midst of excited, stimulated pleasure seekers also brings pleasure torepparttar 132379 apathetic person. Maybe there is no such thing as apathy, if we mean uncaring. Maybe we all care about many things at a low enough energy level;repparttar 132380 caring requires no action from us. If so, we don't overcome apathy, we just raiserepparttar 132381 energy level of caring to a point which leads to action. This allows us to act with enthusiasm one day, and retire to restful caring another. Now we are dealing withrepparttar 132382 law of inertia and we overcome that each time we lie down or rise up, so it is no big deal.

What Ad Busters wants to tell us is, don't be resting in front ofrepparttar 132383 TV when it is on. It will control us more than we realize and we are truly over controlled already. We can strike balances.

It is not that we don't care about gay Episcopalians. We just care at a low level. If you want to raise our level of caring about any particular thing, come at us with genuine enthusiasm for your project and hope we don't need our rest at that time. Timing is not everything, but it can make a huge difference in a result.

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