The use of candles can assist us in leading healthier lives.

Written by Universal Psychic Guild

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It is duringrepparttar practice of Candle magic that we can divertrepparttar 122274 conscious mind and contactrepparttar 122275 sub conscious mind which allows you to focus on those things we wish to manifest. Many people use candle magic as a method to obtain financial security, find that fulfilling relationship, learning to love and heal yourself and others and obtaining some direction on your spiritual path.

By focussing your thoughts on torepparttar 122276 burning candle you can manifest all of your desires. When you learn to still our minds and focus on that which you desire you begin to activaterepparttar 122277 sub-conscious to commencerepparttar 122278 process of attracting your wish to you.

Remember that thoughts produce action and if you apply your thoughts in a negative fashion you can manifest negative results. A simple rule with thought projection is this:

Use negative thoughts forrepparttar 122279 intention of hurting another or usingrepparttar 122280 it for evil purposes and you can be assured that it will come back to you two fold.

Find out more about using Candles for Magic atrepparttar 122281 Universal Psychic Guild.

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Nourishing the seeds of sucess

Written by Janet K. Ilacqua

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Integrity begins at home: “You cannot expect your spouse to be supportive if you lie and cheat. What you do in your personal life will eventually have ramifications in your personal and vice versa. Your spouse and your children have many, many opportunities to observe your behavior. It’s not enough to say that you are honest or merely attend religious services each week. You have to be a role model for your spouse your children and all others. If you are, your spouse will probably support you through good times and bad, during thin years and plump years. (Thomas J. Stanley, PhD, ‘The Millionaire mind’ Bantam Books London, 2001, pg. 70-71) Never talk badly about anybody, even less when they are not present. Consider carefully where you plant your seeds. Avoid environments whererepparttar people are not passionate aboutrepparttar 122273 work that they are doing. Try to find environments that are respectful and supportive. If you are seeking work in an office environment, look atrepparttar 122274 cubicle decorations. Sparse cubicle decorations often indicate that people are not intending to stay long. Colorful and homey cubicles with plants often indicate more supportive work environments. Become intuitive. Be open to but also discerning of possible new clients and customers. Learn to listen torepparttar 122275 currents of prosperity. Know when it is time to followrepparttar 122276 current and when to change your direction or to take some time off. .The road to prosperity is not a straight path, but a meandering one with many side paths and detours. .

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