The truth about 1-900 numbers

Written by David Bell

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There are really two big problems with 900 number's. The first is perception. 900 number's seem really idiotic to most people. If you have a great business idea or way to make money, 900 number's would probably be one ofrepparttar worst places to advertise. How many friends do you have that call 900 number's each month? How many 900 number's did you call last month? These arerepparttar 127553 sorts of things you have to think of when you are going to start a business. If you would never userepparttar 127554 services, why would anybody else? This is something that people like Don Lapre would never tell you. Don lapre just wants you to think that 900 numbers are just a big cash cow. Notrepparttar 127555 reality. The other thing is money. You need a lot of money to really get a 900 numbers going. Starting with $500 isn't going to do it. You need a heck of a lot more than that. Most ofrepparttar 127556 big company's have $500,000 monthly advertising budgets (that's even out of my league.) You are much better off getting into direct marketing, network marketing, internet marketing or even real estate investing over dealing with 900 numbers I hope this helps in your future marketing decisions.

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Got Ripped Off on the Web? Fight Back!

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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Step 8. Go torepparttar Allwhois website ( and look uprepparttar 127552 dishonest party's domain name. This might give you some information aboutrepparttar 127553 dishonest party and who is providing them with web hosting. Informrepparttar 127554 company providing them with web hosting that if they continue to providerepparttar 127555 dishonest party with web service, their company may be charged as an accomplice in a criminal action.

Step 9. Sometimes a company has their own servers and do not use a web hosting service. Go torepparttar 127556 Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) website. ( ICANN isrepparttar 127557 organization that has responsibility for Internet address space allocation. Contact them to find out how to getrepparttar 127558 dishonest party offrepparttar 127559 web.

Step 10. Ifrepparttar 127560 dishonest party is still operating and you learn who their other customers or advertisers are, contact those customers or advertisers and notify them of your problem. Inform them that they have now been notified and if they continue to associate with and supportrepparttar 127561 dishonest party, they may be charged as an accomplice in a criminal action.

Step 11. Use a search engine to find any message boards and discussion forums that might be interested in your problem. You might find that many other individuals have been ripped off byrepparttar 127562 same company and you may be able to initiate a class action lawsuit.

As you can see, some of these steps are pretty nasty. How many of these steps you actually take depends upon how mad you are and how much time you want to dedicate to extracting revenge. In your attempts to punishrepparttar 127563 dishonest party, it is very important to stick withrepparttar 127564 facts. Don't exaggerate or make false accusations. If you exaggerate, they could turn around and file a lawsuit against you for false advertising against them, or for character defamation.

Keep all your actions focused on solvingrepparttar 127565 actual problem. If you begin contactingrepparttar 127566 dishonest party or other parties related to them with information or accusations not related torepparttar 127567 actual problem, you could be charged with harassment. However, you cannot be charged with harassment for frequently contacting a party in an effort to get a product or service that you paid for and didn't receive, or to get paid for a product or service that you have provided.

Disclaimer: Stephen Bucaro assumes no responsibility for damages resulting fromrepparttar 127568 use of this information. This information is provided withrepparttar 127569 understanding that Stephen Bucaro is not engaged in rendering legal service. If legal advice is required,repparttar 127570 services of a competent Lawyer should be sought.

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