The true meaning of freeware

Written by Daniel Robson

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So what isrepparttar reason people make programs for free? The points above could explain it, to some extent. But that is not what freeware is really about. Freeware is about programmers wanting to share what they’ve created withrepparttar 105412 world at large, be it a useful tool, a kick-ass game or even a simple script. People who write freeware like to share what they’ve made, and maybe get some credit fromrepparttar 105413 wider community for making something useful. So next time you find a useful piece of free software why not look throughrepparttar 105414 about box to find out who made it. If they have a site then go visit, maybe leave a note inrepparttar 105415 guest book to encourage them to keep uprepparttar 105416 good work, to create more superb software. And you never know,repparttar 105417 site may even contain that perfect piece of software you’ve been looking for.

Daniel Robson runs where he hosts his own freeware, as well as freeware for Symbian UIQ 7.0 phones.

Do You Text Chat (IM) Online?

Written by Dee Scrip

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But, don’t despair! I have discovered a cure!

In fact, I discoveredrepparttar best of both worlds. What I have found is a computer phone (in “techy” terms known as VoIP – voice over internet protocol) that is optimally secure. One ofrepparttar 105410 many features ofrepparttar 105411 computer phone isrepparttar 105412 IM that is built into it. Thus,repparttar 105413 IM instant messages are sent over optimally secure lines rather than openly public lines onrepparttar 105414 Internet -- AND I can also actually talk to friends from my computer phone any time I want. The “good old days of yore” are back with even more !!!

Here’s what a computer phone is all about.

The computer phone wasrepparttar 105415 creation resulting from takingrepparttar 105416 convenience and features ofrepparttar 105417 telephone and combining it withrepparttar 105418 power ofrepparttar 105419 Internet. Pretty ingenious I think! Although most computers have a built in microphone, some do not. Mine was one of those computers that did not. So, I ran down to a local store and bought one for $5. Then, much to my delight, I found out that it easily plugged intorepparttar 105420 back of my computer.

Here is what is really incredible about a computer phone. I can talk, IM, make 3-way calls, transfer a call to my cell phone if I am running outrepparttar 105421 door, and much, much more.

Actually, I have become so accustomed torepparttar 105422 convenience ofrepparttar 105423 features on my computer phone, that it actually becomes frustrating when I cannot IM a friend I am talking to on their cell phone or telephone. You see, often times, I find great sites to share with my friends, so I have to slowly spell outrepparttar 105424 location overrepparttar 105425 phone and repeatrepparttar 105426 letters so they getrepparttar 105427 right site, then wait for them to repeat it back to me, rather than quickly IMing themrepparttar 105428 site and letting them click on it right then and there.

One final word of wisdom -- over 90% of all computer phone (VoIP) services out there do not operate on secure lines. The one I am using is optimally secure because they have their own proprietary high end encryption codec (code) with patented technology that is hosted in a professional facility. You just can’t get any better than that!

Want to try a computer phone out for yourself?

You can downloadrepparttar 105429 software and try it out for 7 days absolutely free and without any contract, obligations, or hassles. Here’srepparttar 105430 place to visit: Oh, and yes, you will love this….if you use a dial up connection torepparttar 105431 internet, these computer phones work too, in addition to satellite, cable, and wireless connections.

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Dee Scrip is a well-known published author of numerous articles on VoIP, VoIP security, and other VoIP related issues.

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