The story of the 12 animals zodiac in China

Written by Wong Yee Lee

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Snake - Also known as little dragon. Snakes are known to be devilish because of its poisonous nature. However, snakes are very useful, particularly its gall bladder, which is a very healthy medicine in China. Horse - The fastest running animal. Before people invented vehicles, horses wererepparttar only transportation tool. Ram - An animal symbolizes submissiveness and good luck. Monkey - Clever, like humans. It is often used to describe smart and clever children. Cock - Hens are very protective to their chicks. Dog - Although dogs are highly respected inrepparttar 125732 west and loyal to their masters, in China, they are rude and not respectful. Chinese consider them not a cute animal. Pig - The last one inrepparttar 125733 cycle. It is slow and lazy though they are clever.

It is believed that people born in different animal years would carry their characteristics and this would affectrepparttar 125734 person's life. That is whyrepparttar 125735 year ofrepparttar 125736 dragon is highly favoured since people want their children to be as respectful as a dragon.

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How To Stop Your Dog From Digging Holes In Your Garden

Written by Adam G. Katz

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The Old Fashioned Way to make sure thatrepparttar dog gets a motivational negative association when he digs is to: Step 1.) Leave a pinch collar and tab (one foot leash) onrepparttar 125731 dog when he's outside inrepparttar 125732 yard with another dog. Step 2.) Bury hardware mesh or chicken wire inrepparttar 125733 spot where he's been digging. The chicken wire should be buried two to three inches belowrepparttar 125734 surface. Dogs don't like scraping their paws against this stuff. So, right offrepparttar 125735 bat you've got an immediate negative association. Step 3.) Spy on him and just wait until he start to dig. Step 4.) As soon as he begins to dig, yell "No No No!" as you run outside and giverepparttar 125736 dog a correction. As long as you continue to say "No no no" as you run torepparttar 125737 dog,repparttar 125738 dog WILL still associaterepparttar 125739 correction withrepparttar 125740 behavior. Step 5.) Be 100% consistent until you are 100% sure thatrepparttar 125741 dog isn't digging any more. The Lazy Man's Way to fix this problem behavior is to use a remote electronic collar (e-collar). Everything else remainsrepparttar 125742 same. (Click onrepparttar 125743 link above to read about my recommendations for buying a remote electronic training collar). When usingrepparttar 125744 e-collar for this behavior, I'd turnrepparttar 125745 setting up torepparttar 125746 high level. Your goal is to create absolute avoidance to this behavior (digging inrepparttar 125747 garden). And you want him to think thatrepparttar 125748 dirt just jumped up and bit him! Usually if you correctrepparttar 125749 dog withrepparttar 125750 electronic collar for this type of behavior, you've only got to do it twice beforerepparttar 125751 dog decides that it's in his best interest to leave your garden alone.

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