The secret of picking the right domain name

Written by Peter Doomen

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2) Pick your two or three main keywords. For each one, write down synonyms or almost-synonyms. For example: if your keyword is "car" you could add to this list: auto, automobile, autos, cars, van, truck, vehicle, wagon,...

3) Combinerepparttar words inrepparttar 108332 lists to make candidate domain names. Fromrepparttar 108333 first list, takerepparttar 108334 first word and combine it withrepparttar 108335 first word fromrepparttar 108336 second list andrepparttar 108337 first word fromrepparttar 108338 third list.

4) You can also have a list with prefixes like i, e, www, b2b,... or suffixes like 4me, forsale, and so on. You can combine these with all keywords.

5) Decide whether to use hyphens or not. A simple rule: "use hyphens whenever you suspect people will type in your keywords in one search term". For example, "" is better than "" because people won't rememberrepparttar 108339 hyphen. But "" is better than "" because approximately 15000 people use exactly these three words as search term each month andrepparttar 108340 domain with hyphens is likely to show up higher inrepparttar 108341 search results.

6) Decide on your top-level domain like .com, .org or .net. A very simple rule of thumb: use .com unless you have very good reasons not to. The fact thatrepparttar 108342 .com is already taken is *not* a good reason.

7) Rankrepparttar 108343 domain names in order of attractiveness, verify whether they already exist with a whois tool, and registerrepparttar 108344 best one.

I can assure you, steps 3 to 7 are necessary but not quite what *I* consider fun. I wrote a small program to do this for me. On its first launch, I foundrepparttar 108345 domain name "domain-name-tool", registered it and build a site. You can downloadrepparttar 108346 domain-name-tool at It's freeware. I mean "real" freeware.

Peter Doomen Peter spends most of his time building bridges between computer techies and normal people.

Your Domain Rights Are Being Ripped Off!

Written by Dr. Tag Powell

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They sent an email message informingrepparttar Domain Name owners (you) that your Domain Name was being (stolen) transferred away; they could lose their rights to their Domain; and did they request a transfer to an unknown party? Most ofrepparttar 108331 public had no idea who was Network Solutions or who held management of their Domain Name. Out of fear and misunderstanding ofrepparttar 108332 message, most said they did not know that their Domain Name was being transferred to another party.

To prevent this mass exodus Network Solutions seems to have develop several quasi legal techniques: put offrepparttar 108333 renewal process untilrepparttar 108334 name is close to expiration, they can then legally lock uprepparttar 108335 Domain and prevent you from transferring away from their control.

They do this, by at least two ways we know. When Network Solutions receivesrepparttar 108336 notice of transfer, they...

1. Sent a notice that someone is trying to transfer your name. You will getrepparttar 108337 feeling that someone is trying to steal your Domain. This frightens most people who respond to not approve ofrepparttar 108338 transfer (or do they nothing). Network Solutions then sends an email tellingrepparttar 108339 renewing registration company thatrepparttar 108340 Domain owner refused to reply (timed out) andrepparttar 108341 transfer was canceled.

2. Somehow don't sendrepparttar 108342 required notices. They say they did not receive an answer and lock uprepparttar 108343 name. The Domain Name owner must now quickly renew with them orrepparttar 108344 Domain Name goes up for resale.

This is borderline honest but... YES,repparttar 108345 plot thickens.

When a Domain Name nears renewal time Network Solutions will lock uprepparttar 108346 Domain Name and not transfer it. If a transfer has been requested, using one ofrepparttar 108347 above rip-off techniques, Network Solutions deniesrepparttar 108348 transfer. Then they will quickly immediately afterrepparttar 108349 expiration date, offerrepparttar 108350 Domain Name for resale on one of their many sites. If they can not sellrepparttar 108351 name (after an unknown time)repparttar 108352 Domain Name will then be available torepparttar 108353 general public.

This problem swells when somehowrepparttar 108354 Domain owner requesting a transfer does not receive notice. Without notification their name can be resold to a third party. Bam...repparttar 108355 total rights to their Name belongs torepparttar 108356 third party. Although this is legal, it is not fair. We have seen this happen several times. They seem to only cancel quickly if a transfer has been requested. We have seen expired Domain Names sit for as much as four months before cancellation.

There are several other nasty quasi legal tricks being performed by Network Solutions. We will get into these at another time.

Our partners, Tucows, have filed an official complaint torepparttar 108357 governing body, ICANN, against Network Solutions for these and other borderline practices but it will take months before this is resolved.

The Bottom Line. You haverepparttar 108358 right to chose who manages your Domain Name inrepparttar 108359 master database. You can reducerepparttar 108360 yearly cost of your Domain Names by 50%, but you should renew at least a month before expiration date. In fact, you can renew at any time with no loss andrepparttar 108361 renewal is added to your current expiration date. You can renew a year or two years in advance with no loss of time. A month before expiration date will give you time to get byrepparttar 108362 tricks of Network Solutions. Do not wait, if your Domain expires in a week, it is too late to transfer. You can pay Network Solutions for one year only. They will try to get you to renew for two years. You can then choose a new registrar and get your Domain Name management moved.

Blatant Plug... Of course, there are benefits with going with a smaller company. You can get a real email answer from us as to your Domain problems within 24 hours. We do not use autoresponders to reply. You can get us onrepparttar 108363 phone between 1 and 5 P.M. EST, most time onrepparttar 108364 first try. Please call us with only Domain problems we have registered or renewed.

At our security is unique, a human firewall, all of our registrations and renewals are hand processed by a live body. This prevents hackers from getting control of your Domain throughrepparttar 108365 automatic processing.

Really, it doesn't matter if you renew with us or one of our competitors, like, but it is wise to do it now and get it out ofrepparttar 108366 control of Network Solutions. Who knows what they will try next.

Dr. Tag Powell

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