The search engine secret that is no secret at all

Written by Herb Leibacher and Monica Leibacher, Web Builder Express

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You don't have to be Stephen King to create an article forrepparttar web. Anyone can do it. Just sit down and think about what you know that other people might like to hear. Not an advertisement for yourself, but real useful informaiton others can use. Then, write it out - just like you are talking to someone. Go back and edit, proof read, and edit again. Then, post your new article on your web site.

2. Share your article with others to get links back to your site.

People all overrepparttar 135167 internet want useful information to post on their web sites. You can give it to them, and in return ask for a link back to your site. Check out these sites, where you can submit your article for free, and other people can pick it up, post it on their site, and link back to you:

Repeat steps 1 and 2 above, and you will build content and links. And that will help your search engine rankings. And that's no secret.

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Linking Strategies for Google

Written by SEO Company

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Adding unique, fresh relevant content to one's website is a tried and true method that has worked throughout all algorithm changes since day one. When a website has tons of unique content it naturally becomes an "authority site" and other Webmasters will want to link to this site forrepparttar sake of their own visitors.

While some Webmasters analyzerepparttar 135166 latest algorithm changes and how to beat them and strategize complex linking systems, others are working onrepparttar 135167 content. The Webmasters who have chased downrepparttar 135168 algorithm changes and made adjustments have attained success in doing so, which has encouraged them to keep doing so. But, this short-term thinking falls short ofrepparttar 135169 long-term strategy of content. The "add content" method andrepparttar 135170 "chasing" method are analogous torepparttar 135171 stock market. Some invest forrepparttar 135172 long-haul while others chase downrepparttar 135173 latest hot stock tips.

Content is investing forrepparttar 135174 long-haul. When search engine fads and techniques come and go, websites with lots of unique content have riddenrepparttar 135175 waves instead of being tumbled by them. So,repparttar 135176 best new linking strategy for Google turns out to berepparttar 135177 best old strategy andrepparttar 135178 simplest. Add content.

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