The proper care and feeding of revenue partners

Written by Alex Lekas

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The successful partnership, of course, isrepparttar one in which both sides bring something of value, leading to next step: R, for Reciprocity. Is there any aspect of their business that competes with any aspect of yours? Is buying or borrowingrepparttar 146100 partner’s product/service more cost-efficient that building it yourself? Inrepparttar 146101 perfect world, both businesses are complimentary and you can each sell torepparttar 146102 other’s customers. Inrepparttar 146103 semi-perfect world, one of you has something thatrepparttar 146104 other’s customers need andrepparttar 146105 buyer gets a cut ofrepparttar 146106 revenue. Inrepparttar 146107 world to avoid, a potential partner is too closely aligned to your core business and will likely become a competitor. One partner offers merchant accounts that online stores use in order to process credit cards, a natural tie-in for AIT to offer its customers who use their web sites to make sales. This company wanted an exclusive agreement, and one that had a non-compete clause in it. It wasn’t long before their repertoire expanded to include hosting, makingrepparttar 146108 non-compete a very dangerous part ofrepparttar 146109 agreement. Eggo,repparttar 146110 waffle-maker, recently went intorepparttar 146111 syrup market, which its own commercials depict as a no-brainer of a decision. Now, imagine that you’re Log Cabin or another syrup maker, and you had a co-marketing arrangement with Eggo. How valuable would that deal now be?

Be wary of any deal points in which ownership ofrepparttar 146112 customer, exclusivity, or length are issues, bringing up “E” for Escape. Isrepparttar 146113 potential partner in a hurry to close a deal? Is there an upfront or setup cost? Any partnership agreement must have a clause that allows for reasonable termination in caserepparttar 146114 deal sours, or if cooperation becomes competition. Some years ago, one company dominated domain registration, and mindful of both its monopoly andrepparttar 146115 coming of de-regulation, this company offered providers like AIT long-term partner agreements. AIT also anticipated de-regulation, and modified its agreement to a month-to-month basis while creating its own accredited domain registration company. That company has since added web design and hosting, making them a direct competitor and confirmingrepparttar 146116 importance ofrepparttar 146117 escape clause.

Partnerships have become a fact of business as companies look for ways of developing new customers and giving existing clients more reasons to stay. They’re also a catalyst for serious self-analysis: being sure of who and what your company is, and equally important, who and what it is not. A little introspection is vital in determining how to responds to current trends and how to be pro-active in planning for what your customers will expect next. So after those initial dinners and late-night phone calls, make sure you follow through with details like due diligence, checking of references, and usingrepparttar 146118 Internet for research. Just asrepparttar 146119 right partnership can be rewarding,repparttar 146120 wrong one can be disastrous.

Alex Lekas is the VP / Corporate Communications for AIT (, a provider of hosting and Internet services to more than 190,000 business domains around the world.

7 Steps to Launching a Top Media Relations Program

Written by Andrew A. DeMuth

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Give them Something to Look At The media loves visuals. This is especially important for television media. Visuals are something that can be photographed to accompanyrepparttar article. In law enforcement, we use mug shots, photos of seized contraband, or pictures of involved officers. Visuals can really be anything associated withrepparttar 146065 event. Just use your imagination. When preparingrepparttar 146066 written press release, indicate that you have visuals for any interested media entity. Sometimes, having available visuals will meanrepparttar 146067 difference between your release makingrepparttar 146068 paper or makingrepparttar 146069 shredder.

Develop Contacts As with most things in business, contacts are king. The best way to have your story actually make it intorepparttar 146070 paper is to have a contact withrepparttar 146071 press. Developing relationships with reporters and editors is crucial for a successful media relations program. Start by issuing press releases to different reporters, and when you find one who you relate to well, forward all releases to him or her. Reporters have bosses breathing down their neck for articles, and they love nothing more than a contact who feeds them ideas and stories. Contacts should be made at all ofrepparttar 146072 local and regional medial outlets.

Press Release Distribution Faxing press releases or sending them via regular mail is, of course, better than nothing, but emailing it givesrepparttar 146073 reporterrepparttar 146074 option of cutting and pastingrepparttar 146075 text. Keeping them happy yields better results.

Be Proactive Here, especially if you are new to media relations, it is important to think outsiderepparttar 146076 box. Take a look around your business or organization. Anything newsworthy? Sure there is. Below are some examples: Promotions and transfers Organization member was recognized for an accomplishment Introducing a new, innovative product Launching of a website Creation of an innovative program When Wal-Mart learned of one of their truckers stopping to help a stranded woman change a tire, they did a television commercial on it. Getrepparttar 146077 idea? Be proactive!

Timing Once you have preparedrepparttar 146078 press release for distribution, don't send it. Yes, don't send it. You first need to grabrepparttar 146079 newspaper and see what's happening. If a major scandal with a local politician was just uncovered, or something else that will take up news space for several days occurred, you should wait. Ideally, you want to distribute your release when things are quiet. Of course something could pop up atrepparttar 146080 last minute after you have submittedrepparttar 146081 press release, and that will occasionally occur. Just do you best. If you follow these seven steps, you will well on your way to launching a top-notch media relations program.

Andrew A. DeMuth is a long-time small business owner and police officer with extensive experience in marketing. He currently runs one of the nations largest law enforcement websites, and has authored many articles for both and other periodicals.

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