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Even with content, good metatags and keywords, you still have to submit properly and that means not spammingrepparttar search engines, perfectly good web sites have been penalised byrepparttar 132834 top ten engines because they submitted to many pages at one go. You must keep a record of how and when each search engine likes to be submitted to and this is different for each one. If you have a 30 page or more web site, this can be a nightmare, and so people tend to use submission software, or services depending on there budget. The top ten search engines will detect that it is a submission service and rank you lower because of it also with submission software they can detect any multiple submissions for a single website.

So what'srepparttar 132835 answer you ask: Surprisingly its new stealth submission software by Michael Campbell "search engine commando". This beautiful piece of software submits to each engine with that engines logarithms in mind and atrepparttar 132836 frequency best suited to each search engine. Even better than being undetectable byrepparttar 132837 search engines it sits on your desktop and submits inrepparttar 132838 background as you are doing other things (as long as you are connected torepparttar 132839 net of course). You don't even have to sit for hours typing in your URL's it automatically spiders your website for allrepparttar 132840 pages and gives yourepparttar 132841 option of deleting those pages you don't want spidered. Ie: those that are password protected, or your thank you pages for clickbank.

This software was originally commissioned by Michael for his own use, but he has now made it available torepparttar 132842 public and guess what you can even use it to create a site map sorepparttar 132843 search engines can spider your site much quicker. Here are some ofrepparttar 132844 benefits

* automates search engine submissions withrepparttar 132845 same care and attention as if you were doing it manually * amazing software plays "within"repparttar 132846 search engine rules of one web page, per URL, per day * spiders folders on your hard drive to find html pages, no more manual typing in URLs * software runs on your PC, no third party service will know your submissions or who your clients are * expert controls let you shut offrepparttar 132847 safety switch and take total control over your domains * tracks which page was submitted where, on what date, and what pages are next * tracks and submits unlimited pages, across unlimited web sites and does it all automatically

Withrepparttar 132848 advent of new even smarter spider software it is vital that you keep up to date withrepparttar 132849 search engine submission rules or you will be placed in those out ofrepparttar 132850 way pages where nobody but you goes looking for your site.

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ROBERT PUDDY If you want automated search engine submissions with pinpoint manual accuracy, then this software is exactly what you need.

Handling Spam: Responding

Written by Richard Lowe

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So you see,repparttar spammer begins with a list of email addresses which are not validated. They are simply known to not have returned a bounce message (an error indicating an email account did not exist). However, what is not known is that a human being is actually readingrepparttar 132833 mail from that mailbox.

The problem with responding is that you validate forrepparttar 132834 spammer that a human exists at that email address. This increasesrepparttar 132835 value of your email address by many times. A smart spammer can actually sell these verified addresses to collections of "clean" lists.

Of course if you actually buy something fromrepparttar 132836 spammer you've increasedrepparttar 132837 value of your email address to astronomical levels. In this case, you may find yourself added to countless "sucker" lists, receiving countless offers fromrepparttar 132838 most obscure places.

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