The power of desire! - part 2

Written by Carl Cholette

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You will find that this task of creating a Mental Image is a little harder than you had expected atrepparttar start. You will find it hard to form even a faint mental picture of that which you need. But be not discouraged, and persevere, for in this, as everything else. Practice makes perfect. Each time you try to formrepparttar 149943 Mental Image it will appear a little clearer and more distinct, andrepparttar 149944 details will come into a little more prominence. Do not tire yourself at first, but lay asiderepparttar 149945 task until later inrepparttar 149946 day, or tomorrow. But practice and persevere and you need, just as clearly as a memory picture of something you have already seen. We shall have more to say on this subject of Mental Imagery and Imagination in subsequent lessons. Then, after having acquiredrepparttar 149947 clear Mental Image ofrepparttar 149948 things you wish to Desire, and thus attain, cultivaterepparttar 149949 focusing ofrepparttar 149950 Attention upon these things. The word attention is derived fromrepparttar 149951 Latin word "Attendere," meaning "to stretch forth,"repparttar 149952 original idea being that in Attentionrepparttar 149953 mind was "stretched forth," or "extended" towardrepparttar 149954 object of attention, and this isrepparttar 149955 correct idea for that isrepparttar 149956 wayrepparttar 149957 mind operates inrepparttar 149958 matter. Keeprepparttar 149959 ideas before your attention as much as possible, so thatrepparttar 149960 mind may take a firm grasp upon them, and make them a part of itself – by doing this you firmly impress repparttar 149961 ideas uponrepparttar 149962 wax tablet ofrepparttar 149963 mind.

Thus having fixedrepparttar 149964 idea clearly in your mind, by means ofrepparttar 149965 Imagination and Attention, until as we have said, it becomes a fixture there, begin to cultivate an ardent DESIRE, LONGING, CRAVING DEMAND forrepparttar 149966 materialization ofrepparttar 149967 things. Demand that you growrepparttar 149968 qualities necessary forrepparttar 149969 task – demand that your mental pictures materialize, Demand thatrepparttar 149970 details be manifested as well asrepparttar 149971 Whole, making allowance forrepparttar 149972 "something better" which will surely arise to takerepparttar 149973 place ofrepparttar 149974 original details, as you proceed,the Inner Consciousness will attend to these things for you.

Then Desire firmly, confident, and earnestly. Be not half hearted in your demands and desires, claim and demand repparttar 149975 WHOLE THING, and feel confident that it will work out into material objectivity and reality. Think of it, dream of it, and always LONG for it.You must learn to want it repparttar 149976 worst way ; learn to "want" it hard enough. "You can attain and obtain many things by "wanting them hard enough" The trouble is with most of us that we do not want things hard enough, we mistake vague cravings and wished for earnest, longing, demanding Desire and Want. Get to Desire and Demandrepparttar 149977 Thing just as you demand and Desire your daily meals. That is "wanting itrepparttar 149978 worst way. "This is merely a hint. Surely you can supplyrepparttar 149979 rest, if you are in earnest, and "want it hard enough. "

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Telling Yourself The Truth

Written by Lael Johnson

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CREATE A WORKABLE PLAN:  A workable plan consists of choosing a measurable amount of work, choosing a numerical amount to guide your work and choosing a date when your goal should be completed.  For example, I am going to complete two articles, ready to print and submit, by 7/16/05.  I’ve included a specific job description (write  two articles)   a specific number (two) and a specific date(7/16/05). I recommend that you only choose one goal withinrepparttar middle range. Choosing a goal that is too large or too small may make it harder for you to completerepparttar 149793 goal andrepparttar 149794 project in time. Inrepparttar 149795 case of extended projects you may need to set many goals beforerepparttar 149796 each phase of a project is finished.

CHECK WITH OTHERS: Please remember to run your plans by your supervisor and your work group. It’s important that you view these goals  and working with your colleagues in a flexible manner. Remember to continue to involve others in revising your working plans. Remember also that goals and actions are tools to help you, not to take your ideas hostage.

START PRODUCING:    It’s  time to start working toward your goal. Keep accurate records of your progress andrepparttar 149797 progress of others, as needed. Be ready for changes, interruptions and unexpected issues that might develop.  When you need to adapt your goals, keep in mind that a good goal, is clearly written, producing a  measureable  amount of product or other change according to a clearly stated deadline.

May your work productivity and interactivity grow and your goals be realized much sooner than your deadlines.

Lael Johnson, owner of Writer's Eye Advisory Service, offers creativity coaching services and additional writing resources. Visit for more information.

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