The online writing business requires constant and regular writing

Written by Christopher Kyalo

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Indications are that asrepparttar number of websites and blogs continue to grow atrepparttar 149833 current rate,repparttar 149834 economics will swing in favor ofrepparttar 149835 online writing business entrepreneur and rates should go up asrepparttar 149836 demand for good writers continues to far outstriprepparttar 149837 supply. Still it is unlikely that a rate of $3000 per article will be common inrepparttar 149838 foreseeable future.

Sorepparttar 149839 best thing to do is to find a way to make a good steady income from your online writing business withrepparttar 149840 current rates andrepparttar 149841 current state of affairs. Actually this is not too difficult. I know online writers who comfortably make $4,000 on a monthly basis, without too much effort and that is by getting paid less than $11 on average for their articles.

The online writing business will favorrepparttar 149842 kind of writer who leans more towards novel writing rather thanrepparttar 149843 short story or article writer. This is because a novel writer thrives on writing every day and trying to increase their daily output. This is in contrast torepparttar 149844 short story writer who waits for inspiration to write his brief piece at virtually one sitting. Orrepparttar 149845 professional freelance article writer who will tend to spend more time doing research and sending queries to publications rather thanrepparttar 149846 actual writing work.

The huge advantage thatrepparttar 149847 online writing business entrepreneur has is that they can userepparttar 149848 power ofrepparttar 149849 internet to guarantee a steady and constant flow of writing jobs which will leave them with lots of time to do what every writer should enjoy doingrepparttar 149850 most - writing.

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Why Ezine Articles Make Me Dance

Written by Timothy Ward

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Sometimes I find that my articles are being used in some very interesting places. For instance a few of my articles have turned up on religious websites, even though I have never written an article with a religious theme. I guessrepparttar Good Lord really does work in mysterious ways.

I find that a lot of my articles get published on Work At Home Mom websites. I find this interesting (1) because as a male I cannot, technically, be a mom and (2) as a poor, blue collar, working class stiff I do not, technically, work at home. But my message still carries weight with all those housewives. They must be despaerate...

My overall point is: Writing ezine articles is a great way to get your name, website, product, etc. plastered all overrepparttar 149411 World Wide Web. No matter how well you promote and advertise there are just some dark corners of Cyberspace that you will not reach. You articles, however, over time, can find their way to these nooks and crannies and illuminate them with your words.

So my advice to everyone? Keep writing ezine articles! Not only do you getrepparttar 149412 satisfaction of writing them but you also getrepparttar 149413 joy of seeing your name (and you words) all overrepparttar 149414 Net. And then it'll be your turn to riverdance...

Timothy Ward moderates Free Ezine Articles, a announcement list for quality ezine articles. He invites all writers to post their

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