The new Marketing Landscape!

Written by Lee Traupel

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Case in point, companies like Virtumundo, Inc. (they are a pioneer inrepparttar performance based market) are now willing to charge nothing upfront in many cases for an advertising campaign and to just do a revenue share with you onrepparttar 101004 back end; this is typically 20-40% of your SRP, will vary depending upon your goods and/or services. And, they will do a test campaign prior to a full-bore campaign to make sure thatrepparttar 101005 response rates will be worth their investment.

Another key benefit to any business that wants to leveragerepparttar 101006 shifts occurring in performance-based marketing is its inherent ability to be highly targeted. You can tie a marketing process (campaign) to web site, newsletter or pay per click search engine (Overture and now via Google's Ad Words Program) with specific demographics that are highly qualified and targeted. Contrast this again withrepparttar 101007 traditional print medium where you can target to a certain extent; but not like performance-based marketing. Consider an add again (for example) inrepparttar 101008 sports section ofrepparttar 101009 USA Today - it will clearly deliver a sports enthusiast, but not a male who plays tennis that lives inrepparttar 101010 Western US, etc. And, better targeting will always deliver better results, assuming all other issues are on a level playing field.

Search Engine Marketing still a Mystery to Many

I hate to say it but most ofrepparttar 101011 web sites we analyze still don't haverepparttar 101012 basic HTML fundamentals (Title, Keywords, Description) in-place so their sites can/will be indexed (reviewed by an automated bot/software agent) properly. Their title is wrong (don't repeat your company name), there are too many keywords (you want 8-12) orrepparttar 101013 wrong keywords andrepparttar 101014 description ofrepparttar 101015 company is either poorly written or reads like yet another "mission statement" that has been developed byrepparttar 101016 CEO/CFO and three Senior VPs. This is basic block and tackling marketing and should be setup properly when a web site is designed.

Be prepared to deploy some marketing resources for quality Search Engine Marketing - it's fiercely competitive for web site rankings; you've got 3-5K web sites coming online every single day ofrepparttar 101017 week and many are trying to drive market awareness via S/Engine ranking. What's a rule of thumb of what to pay for standard S/Engine Marketing Services: i.e. Title/Description Development, Keyword Analysis, Content Rewrites, etc.? Costs can vary tremendously, depending on your market segment, web site size, what type of services you outsource, competitive issues, etc. Generally expect to pay $3-6K for a basic 3-4 month campaign and then some modest fee for ongoing maintenance (say $200-500.per month). There are alternative sophisticated S/Engine processes that cost much more than this, but these are typically suited for companies that have a good sized marketing budget and or a large web site that necessitates a different approach.

Lee Traupel has 20 plus years of business development and marketing experience - he is the founder of Intelective Communications, Inc., a marketing services company. Reprinted with permission from Intelective Communications - this article may be reprinted freely, providing this attribution box remains intact. (c) 2001-2002 by Intelective Communications, Inc.

Charting Future Sales

Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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definitely better than anything that a computer can generate. In this regard, make note of names, or other vital information that will create an impression thatrepparttar person atrepparttar 101003 other end is indeed important and his/her business is worth that extra effort. Making someone feel that they do count and are an integral part of your product or service’s success is by farrepparttar 101004 best advertising for your site. Treat a visitor or subscriber as just another e-mail address, and they will seek alternatives. Everyone has value and incorporating this concept in your dealings onrepparttar 101005 internet will secure you a place inrepparttar 101006 sunshine ofrepparttar 101007 internet highway. Letrepparttar 101008 others who deal in mass production but low individual recognition continue on. It may be successful once but return business or future business depends on how a person is treated each and every time they engage in some form of communication with you. Are questions handled promptly and politely, or do you wait until you have some spare time? Is your product or service explained accurately or is there so much hype that to findrepparttar 101009 real “thing” is next to impossible? Its your success that is onrepparttar 101010 line - and customer satisfaction is right there onrepparttar 101011 top list of ways to reach it.

The internet has become a fascinating, futuristic way of doing business. However, old-fashioned values and service will never be out of style. Whilerepparttar 101012 old adage to treat everyonerepparttar 101013 way you would like to be treated may be generations old, there is a reason it has sustained for so many years. It works and isn’t that what we are all searching for - methods and systems that work? ENJOY! ©Arleen M. Kaptur 2002 July

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