The most successful internet marketing model - start with free tools, spend money later

Written by Christopher Kyalo

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You will not find theories or stuff that I read somewhere else in any of my internet marketing blogs(not here and certainly not at Allrepparttar writing and advice I give is firmly based on experience, my own experience in internet marketing. That is not to say that I donít read. I read a lot and later in this article I quote from some reading I did recently inrepparttar 140745 New York Times.

So why do I reveal my very profitable internet marketing secrets?

I reveal my secrets because that isrepparttar 140746 only way to grow. And in a place as dynamic and fast-changing asrepparttar 140747 web, you can be sure that your secret will not remain a secret for long. So instead of clinging onto something that will not be mine for that long why not release it a little earlier and gain valuable publicity and image from it, to help me make even more money from my internet marketing? Readrepparttar 140748 second and final part of this article at my blog;

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The 'Matrix' Help For Keyphrase Analysis

Written by Aji Issac

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Createrepparttar matrix inrepparttar 140662 following way:

Take a blank paper and pencil. Draw a square about 10cm X 10cm in size. Dividerepparttar 140663 square into four equal parts(cells). Each of these cells will denote a type of kephrase.

Take X-axis starting fromrepparttar 140664 bottom left corner towards right. Take Y-axis starting fromrepparttar 140665 bottom left corner towards top.

Name top two cells as C and D . Name bottom two cells as A and B. X-axis denotes Search Market. Y-axis denotes Competition.

Values on X-axis will be from high to low from left to right. Values on Y-axis will be from low to high from bottom to top.

Thats it - now you are ready to analyse !


These key phrases require high investment of time and money but will deliver high in long run. Proper strategy and resources are required.


ROI is very low, its better to avoid such keyphrases inrepparttar 140666 initial stage of business but at later stage some keyphrases do well without any investment due torepparttar 140667 improved standard ofrepparttar 140668 site.


Low Competition but high market. It is with High ROI.Target such keyphrases as it generatesrepparttar 140669 money to survive and invest on other cells ofrepparttar 140670 matrix.


You may choose not to invest atrepparttar 140671 initial stages of business as many of these keyphrases will automatically make it to top with time without any investment. After making few A's and C's, checkrepparttar 140672 investment required for B.


Inrepparttar 140673 initial phase of your business invest on 'A's,later invest on 'B's and 'C's. I will advice not to invest on 'D's until it starts appearing in top ranks with time. In marketing we say that retaining a customer is tougher than getting a customer. Similarly if making it to top ranks is tough,then tougher it is to retainrepparttar 140674 position. So do proper risk analysis at every stage of your online business.

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