The most important tool for racing RC Cars

Written by J.P. Turner

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I encourage everyone of you to write down your car's setup info. It's not only useful, but it will multiply how much fun you get outta your RC cars, trucks, and buggies. Heck, this little tip works on real life stuff as well.

There is one more use for this very important RC tool, and that is to write down your lap times. In order to improve and gauge your racing level, you need to be aware of your lap times. Most racing clubs can print out a copy ofrepparttar days races for you or post them to thier club website, but to really measure your success, you should keep a log of how you do from week to week. If you do, I promise you, you will find a whole new appreciation ofrepparttar 145341 RC cars hobby. You will find your mind focusing and aware of ways to improve, such as cornering better, or controlling your throttle just right. It really comes down torepparttar 145342 wayrepparttar 145343 human mind works. When it focuses on a goal, it tends to make make strides in that direction subconsciously. So take my advice... write it down and measure.

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J.P. Turner, is the author of RC Smackdown

How to Make the French Knot

Written by Katrina Renouf

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Insert needle tip going over one thread torepparttar upper right (to NE). Pullrepparttar 145340 working thread very firmly sorepparttar 145341 knot slides downrepparttar 145342 needle shaft and rests onrepparttar 145343 fabric. The coils must be tight. Pullrepparttar 145344 working thread torepparttar 145345 left ofrepparttar 145346 knot. This is critical to success. Put your non-needle thumbnail smack onrepparttar 145347 knot, thus holdingrepparttar 145348 knot andrepparttar 145349 working thread againstrepparttar 145350 fabric. Keeping tension onrepparttar 145351 working thread and your thumb onrepparttar 145352 knot/fabric, sendrepparttar 145353 needle torepparttar 145354 back, letting off tension just asrepparttar 145355 eye ofrepparttar 145356 needle passes throughrepparttar 145357 knot. Make surerepparttar 145358 left thread is still lying torepparttar 145359 left so it will come to rest properly. Tighten. Keep thread tension to next stitch firm sorepparttar 145360 knot stands up.

A great diagram ofrepparttar 145361 stitch can be found at

I would also recommend using a needle with a smaller eye since a larger eye can disruptrepparttar 145362 coils as it goes through.

Katrina Renouf is the founder and owner of the cross stitch website

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