The moon and the sun

Written by Mohammad Ali Abid

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moon is meant to be beforerepparttar sun where asrepparttar 127696 sun runs and can not catch up it. Becauserepparttar 127697 speed ofrepparttar 127698 moon is 18 kilometers & that ofrepparttar 127699 earth is 15 kilometers while that ofrepparttar 127700 sun is 12 kilometers. Whatsoeverrepparttar 127701 sun runs it will not catch uprepparttar 127702 moon. But what makesrepparttar 127703 moon also to retain its mansions while it can leave them? The astronomers found thatrepparttar 127704 moon runs in a zigzag swing and not in a straightforward line. The moon runs in this manner to retain its mansions and locations. In this manner Allah organized and systemizedrepparttar 127705 orbiting &more movements of all of them so that they retain their orbiting traces & do not depart them. Therefore, we haverepparttar 127706 regular succession of Night & Daytime, seasons etc…. Don’t you think it is an excellent determination? Is it possible that it has come only by chance? No, it has not come by chance because chance cannot create such excellent & systematic norms ofrepparttar 127707 universe. Allah has created all this & creates this systemic cosmic norms. Source: “The Age of Faith has dawned”

proffesional busines person and islamic scholar

Scientists Declaration about The Holy Quran and Islam-T.V.N. Persaud

Written by -T.V.N. Persaud

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I personally can't see how this could be mere chance, there are too many accuracies and like Dr. Moore, I have no difficulty in my mind reconciling that this is a divine inspiration or revelation which lead him to these statements."

Professor of Anatomy, and Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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