The man who would be Canute.

Written by Malcolm Pugh

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And faced with a renewed tide of dissent, His words were drowned, and his clothing was rent, For no one was working at shiftingrepparttar sand, No more illusions, no more sleight of hand, Just a shadowy figure now seen inrepparttar 132444 light, By a new sense of vision, a new sense of right, Now lying crumpled atrepparttar 132445 mark of high tide, Whererepparttar 132446 sea of opinion has tossed him aside, Seen atrepparttar 132447 last as an empty rattling shell, Devoid of substance, and bobbing in swell, That dreamed a delusion of power so great, And now is but humbled by truth and by fate.

Ex systems programmer now dabbling in website. Do some search engine optimisation, self taught. Poetry is an old hobby.

Protecting Our Vulnerable Elders, "That Horrible Lady"

Written by Barbara Mascio

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But, not in Parma, right? Wrong.

In fact, in Cuyahoga County, 1,336 new files were opened withrepparttar Adult Protection Service inrepparttar 132442 year 2000 – that’s over 100 new cases each month. The report, released in 2001 by Cuyahoga County Commission Department of Aging, was a shock to me, but Ruth was not surprised.

“Barbara,repparttar 132443 lady they sent to me was well groomed, she was polite, I had no reason to distrust her. You could tell she was from a good family …” Ruth went on to justify how quickly she was robbed of $4,200 and how she only hoped that ‘ horrible lady’ is judged byrepparttar 132444 law, by God and finally by her own karma.

Quality Care Options actively assists inrepparttar 132445 protecting of our seniors. QCO recommends services that have successfully completed our exclusive customer-driven survey process.

We surveyrepparttar 132446 seniors and family caregivers that are or have used these services and only recommend those with a 90% or higher customer satisfaction rating.

We are not a referral company, as we remain a vital link betweenrepparttar 132447 senior andrepparttar 132448 service provider with our exclusive follow-up service,repparttar 132449 cornerstone of QCO.

Businesses servingrepparttar 132450 elderly are invited to learn how to qualify forrepparttar 132451 QCO Certification. Once surveyed, we help seniors by pointing them towards your verified excellent service. Quite simply, we help by eliminatingrepparttar 132452 guesswork involved in choosing an excellent senior service.

More importantly, our service aides in eliminating more stories like that of Ruth.

Our direct line is 216-883-3163 and toll free at 877-620-6448 or you may go to

Barbara is founder and president of Quality Care Options (

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