The importance of ‘keeping the customer satisfied’ in the Web Hosting industry

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Give your customers freedom – Many people tend to sign up with a web host who will offer a discount if you sign a yearly contract with them. However most people who do this get “stuck”; if they are unhappy with their web host they will lose a large proportion of their fee if they cancel their contract. One way to keep your clients happy is to give themrepparttar option of paying monthly, this way your customers will haverepparttar 119107 freedom to change their account packages at any time.

Your clients should be given freedom to administer their own accounts. A good way to provide this is to ensure your clients have their own customizable control panel. This is true freedom, where a client can administer every key aspect of their account from: viewing their account details and billing details; to, for example, interactively adding a new web site, ftp logins, mail accounts, and new users.

Keep your customers well informed – Let your customers know about any thing that could possibly affect their websites. Keep your customers informed on issues such as general maintenance, for example: when, and how often, backups are done onrepparttar 119108 servers; these are a crucial necessity to keeping servers running well, but clients have to be told this. If there is a customer issue that may take a while to fix, it is much better to inform them ofrepparttar 119109 issue and let them know you will get back to them as soon as possible. Customers shouldn’t feel like they are left out inrepparttar 119110 cold, wondering why it is taking so long to fix their problem.

A web host who doesn’t recognizerepparttar 119111 importance of providing good service to their customers will quickly loose their customers and will fade out very quickly. Customers need to feel as though they can trust their web hosts. They need to know thatrepparttar 119112 hard work they put into developing their web site will be complemented by having a great web host; one that is concerned with providingrepparttar 119113 best service for ALL their customers.

Rememberrepparttar 119114 more happy customers you haverepparttar 119115 more successful your web hosting company will be, andrepparttar 119116 more growth you will see.

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Resale Account Administration – If you are a reseller you haverepparttar option of having your control panel set up with administrative control over your resale accounts. You can create and delete resale accounts; view and reply to your clients support requests and login and customize your resale accounts control panel. Plus all your clients will be given their own control panel.

Statistics – You can view real time statistics for each of your web sites. You can see who is on your site right now, what pages they viewed, how long they viewed them for and a whole lot more. Atrepparttar 119106 same time, our stats databases will maintain a history of your statistics so you can compare activity of your web site over time.

Install Custom Components – Have you built your own components in Visual Basic, C++ or Delphi? You can upload and install your own custom components (*.dll files) torepparttar 119107 server your web site is on, directly viarepparttar 119108 control panel.

Domain Administration – You can easily create and remove domains from your account. When you create a domain you haverepparttar 119109 option of setting up any ofrepparttar 119110 following for that domain: DNS record, Mail Server, Web Site, FrontPage extensions and an FTP login.

FTP Administration – You can add and remove FTP logins to your account. You can specify exactly what part of your directoryrepparttar 119111 login will have access to and what part ofrepparttar 119112 directoryrepparttar 119113 login will not have access to.

User Administration – If you need to create a new user to administer as part of your account such as a domain or directory you can easily add them usingrepparttar 119114 control panel. You also haverepparttar 119115 option of removing any user you don’t need from your account.

When developingrepparttar 119116 control panel, usedrepparttar 119117 latest Microsoft technology and employed a dedicated development team,repparttar 119118 result being a user friendly, fully featured, control panel on an advanced stable backend. By usingrepparttar 119119 control panel not only can you easily manage every aspect of your account with just a click of a mouse, you haverepparttar 119120 freedom to administer your account to your own individual requirements.

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