The idea way to grow your writing business

Written by Jill Black

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We each have 1, 440 seconds in each day betweenrepparttar hours of midnight and midnight that we can use ... how are your 1,440 seconds going to be spent today?

- You might get an idea for a new book. - Can you start some research? or is there someone you would like to ask for an interview?

- It may be an idea for writing a tip or an article to post torepparttar 129495 free content directories that could generate interest in your business and product/s forrepparttar 129496 purpose of increasing sales.

- It could be to submit some pages to a new search engine or directory you have read about.

- Place a classified advertisement somewhere you have not advertised before.

- Find a joint venture partner for an idea you have.

- Teach a class offline or online.

- Offer consultancy services.

- Put a bid in for a freelance contract or send an article query to a paying magazine.

- Perhaps getting around to implementing an idea you have read about for marketing your web site or e-book that you had not got around to trying yet.

- $100 ideas can also be as simple as reviewing all your headlines for effectiveness: - your articles, your web site pages, your e-mail subject lines,repparttar 129497 title of your e-zine, your sales copy pages etc.

All of these and many more ideas each haverepparttar 129498 potential to bring profits in many different ways.

It is also important that you listrepparttar 129499 idea/s that you generate each day and then make an ACTION PLAN forrepparttar 129500 implementation of that idea. The soonerrepparttar 129501 idea is implementedrepparttar 129502 sooner you will see an income from it.

Not all ideas have to be as obvious as these. How about eliminating an expense and saving $100 occasionally?

Whatever your ideas, keep a idea file to record your ideas andrepparttar 129503 actions you have taken. Also carry a notebook or a small voice activated tape recorder with you at all times specifically for ideas that might surface outside your idea time.

Never again will you be short of an idea for your business or a project you can work on to increase your profits and grow your business.

Decide onrepparttar 129504 one most important productive thing you can do today for your business... and just do it.

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Moonlighting Idea: Community Speechwriter

Written by Mike Morgan

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As a added value, you might offer to rehearserepparttar speech withrepparttar 129493 client and offer tips for effective delivery. Plan on at least one "tweaking" afterrepparttar 129494 client has readrepparttar 129495 speech to correct areas whererepparttar 129496 client stumbles duringrepparttar 129497 reading.

Charge $15-20 per typewritten, double-spaced, 10-12 point type page, and $25-30 an hour for any research you need to do in addition torepparttar 129498 initial interview. Do your first two or three speeches free, or better yet, do them in exchange for a testimonial and an agreement to refer prospective clients.

A great way to learn more about this moonlighting gig (and speech communication in general) is to sit in on a local Toastmaster International meeting. Ask a few questions; make a few friends. Visitrepparttar 129499 Toastmasters website to find a public meeting in your area.

Web Links: Dave's Guide to Speechwriting

Speechwriting Books at

Mike Morgan owns Bison Creek Author Services . He is the publisher of "The Moonlighting Parent Newsletter", a free email newsletter sent biweekly, and the moderator of the "Article Post - Short Content" (AP-Shorts) publisher-author exchange.

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