The hottest tip on getting a web site listed quickly by Yahoo, Inktomi, MSN, FAST, Altavista and HotBot

Written by Anne-Marie Killer

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As a suggestion, why not make your blog a log of this experiment?

  • Publish your blog by hittingrepparttar 'Publish' button.
  • Sorry, we're not done yet...
    • Now you have to go to and open a My Yahoo! account. Just follow Yahoo's very clear instructions.
    • Click onrepparttar 128251 'Add Content' button.
    • Clickrepparttar 128252 ' Add RSS by URL' link.
    • Pasterepparttar 128253 'Site Feed URL' you've copied earlier inrepparttar 128254 'URL' field and
    • hit 'Add'
    You have just added your site's news feed to your My Yahoo! account.

    Mmm, you don't know what a news feed is? I've written a document explaining it all. You can read it here.

    • Last step: go to
    • Enter your blog's name and URL (similar to mine:
    • Select allrepparttar 128255 services to ping (of which My Yahoo! is one) and clickrepparttar 128256 'Submit Pings' button.
    • Navigate back to your My Yahoo! account and refresh your browser.
    • Scroll torepparttar 128257 bottom ofrepparttar 128258 page where you'll see your blog's feed appearing.
    Your job is done -repparttar 128259 spider bait is ready!

    Now for a bit of excitement. Start watching your web site's stat's to see how quicklyrepparttar 128260 spiders find their way to your web site. You could even throw a free stats counter on your blog and watchrepparttar 128261 spiders visiting your blog. I've written this article explaining how I did it.

    Next step: Play "blog-and-ping" every day or so. More often if you haverepparttar 128262 time! Whenever you feel like it, add another posting to your blog. Remember to throw in some links to specific pages on your web site. Let me know how successful you were - leave a comment in my blog or use my Contact Us page on this web site.

    Here's to your success! Kind Regards Anne-Marie

    Anne-Marie Killer is a mother of two teenagers and a toddler. She is the webmaster and owner of Perfect Party Ideas Read her blog where she documents the process of setting up Perfect Party Ideas

    Get More Targeted Visitors and Free Traffic

    Written by David Parton

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    And because you wrote so well about your topic I will getrepparttar impression you are an expert. We both know that may not berepparttar 128250 case, but if people see you as an authority in some area they will seek you out for tips, advice and product recommendations. That means more traffic and ultimately more money in your pocket. There are dozens of article banks you can submit your writing to for free. Just do a search onrepparttar 128251 net. And submit, submit, submit! If you write it -repparttar 128252 traffic will come. -David Parton Copyright 2005 ___________________________________________

    NOTE: Feel free to "reprint" this article online as long as it remains complete and unaltered (including my "resource box" atrepparttar 128253 end). Please send me a copy of your reprint to

    David Parton:

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