The healer's path

Written by Helen Lee

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healings on and off for awhile not taking it serious. One dayrepparttar psychic, who told me to focusrepparttar 122418 energy into my hands, refered me to one of her clients. Her client had multiple tumors in her head. She and her daughter came to my house for a healing. That evening I was extremely tired but I promise to dorepparttar 122419 healing. I didrepparttar 122420 healing and I never heard from them again. God works in mysterious ways. I was sound asleep one night, when I woke up out of my sleep. I turned onrepparttar 122421 television, and turn torepparttar 122422 channel that this psychic [the one that referredrepparttar 122423 client to me] was on. She was giving a testimonial of a healing I did onrepparttar 122424 woman. She said my full name and said thatrepparttar 122425 doctor toldrepparttar 122426 woman that miraculously, some of her tumors were gone. Experiences as these help me to see that I do haverepparttar 122427 gift of healing and that unseen forces are at work around me. Here is another example; I went with my parents to visit a friend of theirs. This friend had two dogs she kept outside. My parents went inside and I decided to stay outside and sit inrepparttar 122428 car. I sat inrepparttar 122429 car withrepparttar 122430 door open, one ofrepparttar 122431 dogs a small puppy I started to pet. I notice that he had a lump on his neck. I decided to do a healing on him. This animal knew what I was doing because he sat there not moving each time I did a healing on him. I did a couple of healings on him. When I was finish he no longer hadrepparttar 122432 lump.

These a few of my healing experiences. If you would like to read more of my experiences. Read my web page. The address is If you would like to contact me for any reason, my e-mail address is.

My name is Helen Lee. I am a spiritual healer. I live in the Bronx, New York. My e-mail address is My web page addres is

Your May 2002 Aromatic Horoscope

Written by Francoise Rapp

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Anointrepparttar solar plexus.

******** SCORPIO ******** Whatever happens, let your partner be more involved in your projects. Keep an open mind and heart and let people in, but don't forget to keep an eye on your finances. This month's aromatic blend will allow you to be more emotionally and physically open.

-6 drops of Lemon -3 drops of Rose otto

Anointrepparttar 122417 heart chakra.

******** SAGITTARIUS ******** Sagittarius, you may find that an intimate relationship is at a critical point. Reject old, unhealthy patterns, clear your mind, gather yourself and more than anything, listen to your heart. The following specialized aromalchemy blend will bring clarity and wisdom while soothing your emotions.

-2 drops of Rose otto -5 drops of Sandalwood -5 drops of Cypress

Anointrepparttar 122418 heart chakra and third eye.

******** CAPRICORN ******** While you find work incredibly important, try not to give love a back seat to your career. If you find yourself caught up in major work projects or overwhelming workloads, try to take a break. Stop, take a step back, and spend some time with your sweetheart. Right now it's critical to your spiritual and emotional health to let go and have some fun. May's aromatic blend will promote euphoria, pure joy and humor.

-7 drops of Orange -4 drops of Jasmine otto

Anointrepparttar 122419 solar plexus.

******** AQUARIUS ******** Aquarius, this month marksrepparttar 122420 opportunity for new beginnings. Make sure to focus on balancing your social life and your work life while simultaneously nurturing yourself. As you do, you will enjoy all ofrepparttar 122421 opportunities May has in store. This month's aromatic blend encourages balance and calm.

-5 drops of Lavender -6 drops of Cypress -6 drops of Sandalwood

Anoint allrepparttar 122422 chakras.

******** PISCES ******** Pisces, it's time for you to honestly assess your relationships. Ask yourself how each relationship enhances your life. Don't let anyone, or anything hold you back from your dreams. Let go of self-doubt and make your move. Now'srepparttar 122423 time. This month's customized blend will inspire you to accomplish amazing things!

-5 drops of Bay leaves -5 drops of Rosemary -4 drops of Cypress

Anointrepparttar 122424 solar plexus and sacrum.

******** ARIES ******** May is an exceptional month for you Aries! Your finances and life in general will get a major boost. Just be sure to follow your intuition about money and contracts, and stay calm if you encounter a few minor bumps alongrepparttar 122425 way—just keep things in perspective. This month's aromatic blend will bolster your energy and improve your endurance.

-5 drops of Bergamot -6 drops of Orange -6 drops of Sandalwood

Anointrepparttar 122426 solar plexus.

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In Good Health, Francoise Rapp

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