The facts of zooming

Written by Jakob Jelling

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Digital zooming can be evaluated depending onrepparttar optical zoom level. According torepparttar 137395 optical zoom a digital camera has, zooming in with it would allow you to have a good or a not so good image resolution and quality. The more powerful an optical zoom is,repparttar 137396 less resolution you would loose. This way, if you wish to acquire a digital camera which would allow you to zoom in by loosingrepparttar 137397 less amount of quality possible you should pay attention to its optical zoom more than torepparttar 137398 digital zoom itself.

Digital zoom numbers do not really tell much of a digital camera zooming quality. Actually, digital zooming has no limit; it is possible to create digital cameras which offer a digital zooming as powerful as they wish. The digital camera feature which allows us to measure its zooming quality isrepparttar 137399 optical zoom, and it is recommendable to pay attention to that characteristic rather than torepparttar 137400 digital zoom numbers before acquiring a new digital camera.

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Selling Stock Photography for Amateurs

Written by Nick Stubbs

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There is a forum onrepparttar site that I use and recommend, that has a bunch of regulars that are always there to lend a hand with advice, hints and tips and also to give inspiration and motivation. It has a community of photographers that will put you at ease and help you on your way to earning money from your camera, and I can guarantee you will make friends there too.

After I had registered (which is free), I was a little bemused by it all as I had only ever usedrepparttar 137394 larger agencies, so before I uploaded any images, I introduced another photographer to them. He had about 20 moto-x images on within a week and sold 6 of them immediately. I uploaded 1 image after that and sold a copy that night. I then uploaded 48 more, 5 were rejected but I sold 18 ofrepparttar 137395 others within a week. I then submitted another 90 and so it goes on, all very exciting asrepparttar 137396 sales stats are updated every 15 minutes and you cannot help but keep "refreshing"repparttar 137397 page!

It is by no means my main source of income, butrepparttar 137398 way I see it, I can upload smaller copies ofrepparttar 137399 50MB files I have on with larger agents here and add another stream of revenue for very little work. If you have images sitting around on your hard drive, or would like a reason to get up inrepparttar 137400 morning and go out and do something constructive, give it a go, there is nothing to lose.

One word of warning though, read very carefullyrepparttar 137401 criteria for uploading images. If you consistently upload rubbish, your account will be suspended for 6 months pending review. I suggest that you readrepparttar 137402 submission guidelines for all stock agencies at my site here;

Selling Stock Photography at "All Things Photography"

and look forrepparttar 137403 yellow information box halfway downrepparttar 137404 page.

This will require work and a bit of commitment, but you can earn some nice pocket money here from your hobby and some ofrepparttar 137405 regulars earn a good living from it, but you must follow and abide byrepparttar 137406 rules.

Good luck and hope to see you inrepparttar 137407 forums!

Nick Stubbs

Nick is a professional photographer with over 20 years experience in wedding, portrait, industrial and advertising photography. He is a member of the SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) and BPPA (British Professional Photographers Association).

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