The facts about cosmetic surgery.

Written by Jenna Keys

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What should I ask my surgeon?

You may have a little knowledge or you may have a lot of knowledge about your chosen surgery, but you should always research a little yourself before you visitrepparttar clinic for your one-on-one. Know what you are stepping into. By looking onrepparttar 148324 Internet and perhaps ringing around several clinics asking for information you will probably be presented with a few questions you want to ask. Do not be afraid to askrepparttar 148325 questions, no matter how trivial or how stupid they seem.

There are a number of questions you should always ask a surgeon or a clinic before you make that all-important final decision. These questions should include, but not be limited to, asking about any side effects. If you are told there are no side effects you should be very wary indeed. Considerrepparttar 148326 side effects on a tub of painkillers you can buy overrepparttar 148327 counter. The list is seemingly endless, and having cosmetic surgery will undoubtedly have a longer list of potential side effects than taking a couple of Paracetemol. Question your surgeon about his experience and qualifications. Usuallyrepparttar 148328 certificates will be framed onrepparttar 148329 wall of their office, if not, do not be afraid to ask. A reputable surgeon will be only to please to show you his certificates.

Ask how longrepparttar 148330 treatment will take and how much time will be needed to recover. Ask is there are any alternatives, surgical or non-surgical. Once you have allrepparttar 148331 facts you will be in a position to make a better informed and accurate decision.

The bottom line on cosmetic surgery.

Many people consider and have cosmetic surgery andrepparttar 148332 decrease in price has brought with it a wider array of potential treatments. Surgery isnít always necessary but, if you have your heart set on it, then be sure to thoroughly research every aspect of your treatment,repparttar 148333 clinic you intend to use andrepparttar 148334 surgeon who will carry outrepparttar 148335 procedure. Ask plenty of questions about experience, qualification and side effects. Once you have allrepparttar 148336 knowledge, and if you are sure you want to proceed then at least you know you have done as much as possible to make sure your cosmetic surgery is done safely.

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A Guide To Pampering Pedicures

Written by Vincent Platania

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Pour a quarter-sized dollop of lotion into your hand and start atrepparttar heel, rubbing repeatedly with a light touch, softening skin and soothing stresses. Move uprepparttar 148323 foot, rubbing lotion inrepparttar 148324 bottom ofrepparttar 148325 foot. Use thumbs to make small circles as you work your way overrepparttar 148326 sole. Pressure can be increased anywhere it feels good. In fact, ticklish feet prefer a firmer hand; it'srepparttar 148327 light touch that tickles most!

Pay extra attention torepparttar 148328 toes. Rub between toes, using a gentle touch. Finish by rubbing each toe individually. Give both feet equal care.

Finish withrepparttar 148329 toe nails. File any jagged or sharp edges and shaperepparttar 148330 toe nail. Even if you do not want to polishrepparttar 148331 toenails, use a nail buffer to smooth nail ridges for a clean, healthy look.

If possible, use a nail buffer that has three separate finishes. Start withrepparttar 148332 roughest surface first and give each nail 20 strokes. Give each nail 20 more strokes with next surface, and finish with 20 buffing strokes withrepparttar 148333 finest surface onrepparttar 148334 nail buffer. Use that goofy looking sponge toe separator. This tool keeps polish from smearing as toes bump together.

When polishing toe nails, keep in mindrepparttar 148335 beating your feet take duringrepparttar 148336 day. Start with a clear base coat of polish to preventrepparttar 148337 yellowing onrepparttar 148338 toenails resulting from dark polish painted directly onrepparttar 148339 nail. Two coats of color will helprepparttar 148340 nails stay attractive for up to two weeks. Finish with two sheer coats of a protective top coat to keep your pedicure looking great.

Now that your feet look and feel festive, take those pampered toes out onrepparttar 148341 town.

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