The do’s and don’ts of directory submission.

Written by Brian Holte

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How did you overcome these problems?

We overcamerepparttar issues by explanation ofrepparttar 137420 services that repparttar 137421 "other guys" provide, and most importantly, we overcame repparttar 137422 problem with RESULTS. We do what we say, and get it done.

What impact can using a directory submission service have on ones online business?

Directory submissions can makerepparttar 137423 business, LITERALLY. Submitting to search engines is fine, and SHOULD be done. Submitting to directories is definitely a necessity.

What kind of gains can one expect to make by using a directory submission service?

Once Directory listings take, you can expect to probably double your traffic. Double traffic could mean double sales/leads.

What couldrepparttar 137424 downfall be of using a directory submission service?

Well, un kept promises. Many "other guys" make big promises, but deliver seldom few or none altogether. Do your research. How long hasrepparttar 137425 site been in business? Do a “who is” look up and see when they boughtrepparttar 137426 domain name just to be certain.

Can you give 3 tips on successfully submitting to directories such as DMOZ for example?

With Pleasure!

Tip 1.) MOST IMPORTANT Proper Category Selection is KEY You MUST submit torepparttar 137427 applicable category. This isrepparttar 137428 most overlooked, because we think we have a site selling Sports Blankets, like and they wanted to be listed intorepparttar 137429 "sports category" After research, I decided it be best that they be submitted into repparttar 137430 Shopping: Sports: Theme Merchandise category. If I would have submittedrepparttar 137431 site intorepparttar 137432 root of sports, I can GUARANTEE it would have not been accepted.

Tip 2.) Wait. Do NOT submit your site to ODP ( again in a month. Give it 2 months to see results. If after 2 months, you are not listed, rethink your submission, drill down to a deeper, more relevant category, and resubmit.

Tip 3.) Do not houndrepparttar 137433 guides. I have seen people talking about "direct relationships with guides for category "****" They say to emailrepparttar 137434 guide and bug them. We disagree with this. If your site is properly submitted, you will not have a problem. We have clients that tried this tactic, and have never been listed. We submitted them, and got them listed.

Thank you forrepparttar 137435 opportunity to give my feedback in this. It has really been a pleasure. Thanks!

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Google AdSense - A Quick Overview for Beginners...

Written by Farid Aziz

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To makerepparttar right decision which ads should be shown onrepparttar 137334 third party's web pages, Google applies its Page Ranking technology, which is called content-targeting.

The third party will earn shares with Google everytime visitors click onrepparttar 137335 ads.

So, if you have a rich content site, signing up for Google AdSense could be fun. If you are accepted by Google (yes, many sites are rejected by Google!), you will be given a code. All you have to do is just pasterepparttar 137336 code to your HTML page, you deciderepparttar 137337 location and settings.

Everytime your visitors click onrepparttar 137338 ads, Google will chargerepparttar 137339 advertisers forrepparttar 137340 clicks and share them with you.

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