The advantages of being an e-Book writer or publisher

Written by Younes Boutriq

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You've no hassles like inventory, packaging and shipping. There are absolutely no start-up risks. Unlike any other products, an eBook can be produced inexpensively. It doesn’t require expensive materials or equipment. There is no limit onrepparttar number of e-Books you can create. Once you know how nothing can stop you. People will buy from you because they can haverepparttar 108386 information they are searching for within a minutes. You can earn a living from your hobbies and interests. You can start immediately, even in your spare time. High profit potential. Customers perceive your ebook as being highly valuable so you can charge more for it than you might expect. flexibility. You can use ebook for multiple purposes. For example you can offer it as free gift to entice customers to purchase from you. Create long term profits. Fill your ebook with affiliates links, this encourages users of them to revisit and purchase others products that you sell. ebooks are great long term profit generators.

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My Rich Mum's ebook secrets

Written by SS.Jay

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Write my e-book Once you haverepparttar above step covered, once you already have your topic, writing your e-book should be a breeze. You do not need distinctions in English to write an e-book. People love e-books which are written in a more casual tone and not a stern go byrepparttar 108384 book tone. I always create my table of contents first, and then simply proceed to elaborate onrepparttar 108385 points I wish to bring forth. It’s really that simple. After completing that e-book, I almost always convert my e-book into a PDF file, so that more eyeballs will be able to read it. The PDF format is friendly with most desktop platforms. Please always format sentences to be of 1.5 spacing and try to use larger fonts. This is because ofrepparttar 108386 fact that it is always harder to read onrepparttar 108387 computer screen as compared to a hard copy.

Create my website Your e-book website is not going to be a complicated website full of programming jargon. All you really need is two important pages, namelyrepparttar 108388 Sales Page andrepparttar 108389 Thank You Page. The sales page will be where you show visitors your sales letter; it isrepparttar 108390 showcase of your e-book business. The thank you page is where you will have a link forrepparttar 108391 download of your product; in this case your product is your e-book.

You can be a total computer idiot and yet own e-book businesses. A great tip to creating that website is to reply on friends who are well-versed in web designing. There is absolute no need to hire expensive web designers to dorepparttar 108392 same job a student web designer would do for a lunch treat. That was how I started my first e-book business back in 1997.

Accepting payments A lot of people start their e-book businesses to make money, you need to start your e-book business to add value and then to make money. An E-book business always accepts credit card payments due torepparttar 108393 fact thatrepparttar 108394 credit card isrepparttar 108395 number one paying tool overrepparttar 108396 internet. To accept credit card payments, you will need a merchant account that will process your customer’s cards and make sure payment is made. There are a few third party merchant accounts that will handle all credit card payments for your e-book businesses. The best part is you do not pay until you make a sale.

Promote your site This is going to berepparttar 108397 most difficult part of your e-book business. The hard fact is that Sales is directly proportional to Traffic. The most traffic you can get to your site,repparttar 108398 more sales you will make. There are a couple of great ways to generate traffic to your site. One of these ways is to create a free e-book, report or course. All you do next is to send outrepparttar 108399 free e-books, reports or courses in anywhere possible and seerepparttar 108400 traffic pouring into your site. Remember, people are always looking for free information overrepparttar 108401 internet, so if you are able to provide great free information to people, they will spend on your website.”

There you have it,repparttar 108402 5 steps to an e-book business unveiled. My hands were trembling by now. After an hour of hardcore e-book coaching, Rich Mum was ready to leave for her game of tennis, leaving me to adsorbrepparttar 108403 notes I have just taken.

*For your information, Rich Mum torerepparttar 108404 cheque and before leaving, she whispered: “People will always be more committed after parting with their money.”

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