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Written by Ken Kaiserman

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Of course, this really changes things for a youth coach because we need to teachrepparttar correct fundamentals or we’ll simply be reinforcingrepparttar 147010 bad habits kids develop. The hardest thing to do as a coach is to try and correct a flaw that a kid has developed over years of “practice”. This is even harder whenrepparttar 147011 kid is good, because correctingrepparttar 147012 fundamental flaw generally means that getting worse before getting better. That meansrepparttar 147013 kid is going to be reluctant to try this “new” way and may not stick it out. Inrepparttar 147014 long run,repparttar 147015 difference could be huge. While we’ve already acknowledged that that we’re not developing professional athletes, there is no reason to limitrepparttar 147016 ceiling on how well each child may develop. Coach’s Corner, Continued

The solution is simple: we need to learnrepparttar 147017 right fundamentals before we start coaching. It’s a responsibility that we accept when we volunteer to coach. Now, up front, I want to make sure to state that most of us think we know much more about sports than we really do. We think that because we played and we were pretty good that we clearly know how to teach a kid to play baseball or basketball. That’s simply not true. Much of what we learned was wrong. We may also not knowrepparttar 147018 right way to communicate what we know to kids. Or, we may not know anything aboutrepparttar 147019 sport if we’re stepping in and coaching soccer or another sport that wasn’t “big” when we were young.

Fortunately, there is help. Many leagues do a good job teaching their coachesrepparttar 147020 fundamentals ofrepparttar 147021 game. Some leagues even offer mandatory coaching clinics for their coaches. These are really good starts, but generally not enough – especially asrepparttar 147022 kids you coach get older and better. Before every season that I coach, I’ll watch several instructional tapes to reviewrepparttar 147023 fundamentals and also learn new material. I re-watch tapes, often with my kids that we’ve seen before and buy a couple of new ones to add some wrinkles. Of course, at, we do offer 1,000’s of instructional books and videos, butrepparttar 147024 point of this section is to simply say to use whatever method you choose to make sure that you teach correct fundamentals. Every kid, even young kids, can learn with good coaching and remember: “Practice makes Permanent”.

The “Dad Hat” andrepparttar 147025 “Coach Hat”

There is a huge difference between being a “Dad” and being a “Coach”. Each has different responsibilities and relationships withrepparttar 147026 kids. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of overlap betweenrepparttar 147027 two roles. I literally have two hats: one says “Dad” andrepparttar 147028 other says “Coach”. Overrepparttar 147029 years, my kids and I have learned to separaterepparttar 147030 two so I don’t wearrepparttar 147031 hats too often, but it does makerepparttar 147032 distinction more literal. Coaching your own children is one ofrepparttar 147033 real challenges of youth sports because sometimes, you child wants or expects to have a dad when you’rerepparttar 147034 team’s coach. If you can separate these roles, and both of your expectations, you and your child will have a much better youth sports experience.

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God of Billiards George Balabushka Cues

Written by Clifton

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According to billiard experts, professionals and renowned manufacturers, in George Balabushka lifetime, he has only produce 1000 to 1200 cues. Currently, an original, unscathed cue produce by George Balabushka will sell at US$15,000 and above. And during 1960, there are already fake Balabushka cues are already circulating inrepparttar market. Nowadays, It is never easy to authenticaterepparttar 146925 original Balabushka cue by American Cuemaker’s Association, but can be done by experts: Pete Tascarella、Bill Schick、Barry Szamboti、Richard Black、Bill Stroud (Joss West)、Ernie Gutierrez (Gina)、Paul Rubino. Billiard enthusiast can never be too naïve to believe that a cue with an imprint of Balabushka have to berepparttar 146926 real deal, you have to know thatrepparttar 146927 original Balabushka has been sold by his family to other billiard companies like ADAM.

There was once a report in Florida, writing about a billiard player saw an old man using a worn cue to chase away a dog. Intuition tells him to stoprepparttar 146928 car, and he boughtrepparttar 146929 worn cue fromrepparttar 146930 old man for $50. Before going home, he stop by a cue-repair shop to repairrepparttar 146931 cue he just bought. Whenrepparttar 146932 shop owner unwraprepparttar 146933 package, he stood shocked with his mouth slightly ajar, knowing thatrepparttar 146934 cue was signed by George Balabushka with a number “70”. Since then, it was used as one ofrepparttar 146935 areas to identify a genuine Balabushka cue.

Although it is no difficult matter to manufacture a Balabushka cue by today's scientific standard, George Balabushka's intense knowledge ofrepparttar 146936 basic foundation of cue material and his profound knowledge in joint technology has led to his fame and a must-have collection for all Billiard Cues Collectors.

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