The Written Word - How to use it to Create Powerful Sales Letters

Written by Chuck Crawley

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Step 3 ====== ** Convince them WHY they should BUY!

Use your best stuff here. Give them a powerful reason to buy your product or service.

1. Use testimonials.

"First time onrepparttar lanes withrepparttar 129899 TURBO THUNDER, I shot my first 300 game." Chuck Crawley, Newport News, Va.

2. Tell them why they should only buy from you.

We have made a special arrangement withrepparttar 129900 TURBO THUNDER manufacturing facility to getrepparttar 129901 first 1000 balls hot offrepparttar 129902 assembly line. Because of this Special deal withrepparttar 129903 manufacturer we can offer this product to you at an unbelievable price.

3. Offer a Guarantee that's Irresistible.

If your scoring withrepparttar 129904 TURBO THUNDER ball does not increase by more than 10 pins afterrepparttar 129905 first 60 days, then you can returnrepparttar 129906 ball back to us and get your full purchase price refunded. No questions asked!

4. State your very best offer.

The TURBO THUNDER will hitrepparttar 129907 streets with a retail price of $250.00. Purchaserepparttar 129908 TURBO THUNDER from us withinrepparttar 129909 next 15 days and you can own this revolutionary product at 50% off. Yes, that's right. Getrepparttar 129910 TURBO THUNDER withinrepparttar 129911 next 15 days for an amazing price of $125.00.

Follow these steps in this part of your letter and you will have them reaching for their credit cards.

Step 4 ====== Create a SENSE of URGENCY to Buy NOW.

Don't *droprepparttar 129912 ball* here. You must create a sense of urgency. Then tell them EXACTLY how to order and how easy it is to do so.

The TURBO THUNDER ball is only available at this special discount price forrepparttar 129913 next 15 days. So, you must order today. This offer will NOT be available again afterrepparttar 129914 expiration date.

To order today just follow these easy steps.

Click onrepparttar 129915 order link below.

Fill outrepparttar 129916 order form onrepparttar 129917 secure order page.


Pickup your telephone and dial 1-800-999-9999. A friendly operator will help you to complete your order.

The Awesome POWER ofrepparttar 129918 *written word* can work for you. Just use these easy steps to create your next sales letter or web page content.

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Written by Craig Lock

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If you haven't a kind word to say against someone, don't say it at all. "Mr Goody Goody two-shoes" (but in my crazy travel book about my European adventures HERE,THERE and EVERYWHERE, you'll find out why I only had one!). Hard sometimes, when you are reportingrepparttar facts, as you saw them and want to market your work sometimes; because controversy always sells... like bad news headlines sell newspapers.

Most ofrepparttar 129898 above information is based on pure common-sense (what's that?) and using your discernment. However, many writers don't have an abundance ofrepparttar 129899 aforementioned qualities in making judgements.

A word (or two or three) of my advice... In writing followrepparttar 129900 following (sounds "funny" that!) creeds:

When in doubt about what course to take (not English III), just ask yourself this: If you wererepparttar 129901 author, would you like someone else copying your work, or saying 'those things' about you.

Use judicious judgement (note alliteration) and when in doubt, rather err onrepparttar 129902 side of caution.

Even if you have been badly hurt by someone inrepparttar 129903 past, don't be tempted to retaliate and take vengeance for "the sordid past" through your words. Everyone has made mistakes they may regret in life, so thinkrepparttar 129904 best of people. At least try!

Enough moralising and back to my original topic. A final few words to conclude onrepparttar 129905 subjects of plagiarism and defamation. Always write with ABSOLUTE HONESTY (from your particular perspective), in utmost GOOD FAITH and INTEGRITY... and asrepparttar 129906 proverb wisely advises:

Do unto others , as you would have them do unto you."

Then you CAN'T GO WRONG in your writing.

Phew! Finished this lesson in a hurry this morning, sitting out inrepparttar 129907 hot NZ sun. My business partner wanted it by 1 pm, because it's a long weekend. Another glorious day in Godzone. What paradise.

What a life as a writer!

Craig Lock is an author of numerous books and the creator of the ORIGINAL online creative writing course.

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