The Write Formula

Written by Linda Offenheiser

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That All-Important Headline

Develop a headline that catches your reader's eye and interest. Make it unique and catchy but make it honest! Don't try to lure a reader by making outlandish promises or by using a headline that has nothing at all to do with your text. Your headline should introduce your text, not disguise it. As with text, short headlines work better than long ones. If your headline doesn't getrepparttar reader's attentionrepparttar 108110 rest of your copy will never be read. So work on that headline until it reaches out and grabsrepparttar 108111 reader's eye!

And finally . . .

Sales Copy is Never Finished!

You may write your copy many, many times. There are always little ways to tweak it to make it better and you should! Don't let it become stagnant. The best sales copy changes and adapts . . . it evolves!

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Copywriting Makeover: Know Where Your Customers Are In The Buying Process Part 2 of 2

Written by Karon Thackston

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Asrepparttar customers continued to read, they found out about specific benefits of buying software from AEwebworks as opposed to other developers. And - of course - scattered throughoutrepparttar 108109 page were links torepparttar 108110 ordering section ofrepparttar 108111 site.

In addition torepparttar 108112 emotional connection andrepparttar 108113 problem solving aspects ofrepparttar 108114 copy, it was also search engine optimized (SEO). You’ll noticerepparttar 108115 subtle use of keyphrases throughoutrepparttar 108116 copy. Enough to promote good search engine rankings, but not so much thatrepparttar 108117 copy is “stiff” or “forced.”

Every other word is *not* a keyword. The copy has a natural flow to it, but yet it is fully optimized to do its job where rankings are concerned.

You can viewrepparttar 108118 current copy here:

The Results

I always find it best to letrepparttar 108119 client handle this part ofrepparttar 108120 article. To quote, “I wanted to tell yourepparttar 108121 good news! It looks like our rankings are improving. We are back in Google and traffic has doubled. We have record high sales forrepparttar 108122 last two weeks... about 70% higher than our next best-selling two-week period ever!

“Overall, running our site got much easier after adding your copy because people ask fewer questions about where to find information... they are able to sort it out for themselves fromrepparttar 108123 site copy. We previously had about 5-10 e-mails a day on average from prospective customers; now we get AT LEAST 15 A DAY! WOW!! So, in short, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR GREAT WORK!"

They are now back in play on Google and also have exceptional rankings with other important engines like Yahoo, MSN, and AltaVista.

Another happy ending!

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