The Work-At-Home Dream: Telecommuting vs. the Home Based Business

Written by Angela Wu

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STARTING A HOME BASED BUSINESS -------------------------------


+ You are your own boss. You makerepparttar decisions, and answer only to business and to your customers.

+ Lots of variety! You have a hand in everything - you arerepparttar 117774 product developer, marketer, janitor, secretary, web designer, and bookkeeper, all rolled into one.

+ Income potential is unlimited! You're not restricted to how muchrepparttar 117775 boss decides you'll make. You ARErepparttar 117776 boss!

+ You can exercise your creativity and independence. You decide onrepparttar 117777 type of business you want, in an area for which you have a passion. Business can be FUN, and you haverepparttar 117778 opportunity to make it "yours"!

+ You haverepparttar 117779 opportunity to pursue your "dream". You may have a vision that you'd like to see achieved - now you can give it a try!


- You are your own boss. Yes, this can be perceived as a negative as well as a positive! You haverepparttar 117780 ultimate responsibility forrepparttar 117781 success of your business.

- There's an element of risk. Every business, regardless of what it is, comes with a risk of failure.

- You provide your own health care benefits.

- Income is variable. Your business will go through both good and bad times, which may make it harder to plan. Plus longer hours don't necessarily translate into more income... at times you may find yourself working long hours just to survive! It also takes time before you begin to turn a profit.

- Long hours! The prevailing myths that home business owners sleep in, watch daytime TV, and generally have a 'relaxed' lifestyle are generally not true. Most home business owners work far more thanrepparttar 117782 typical 40-hour work week.

It takes all types of people to runrepparttar 117783 world... not everyone is meant to run a business, and not everyone will flourish when working a job. Decide what's right for *you* - and then set out to achieve it.

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Make Your Project A Success!

Written by A.T.Rendon

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B. Focus onrepparttar Benefit.

Tell your prospects aboutrepparttar 117773 benefits that your product or service will provide for them. Will it save them money? Time?

Make a list ofrepparttar 117774 benefits and then stress them.

C. Keep it Simple.

Do NOT send out a ten (10) page email trying to sell your product or service. Keep it simple and torepparttar 117775 point. You should be able to excite and entice your prospects with a simple five (5) line ad.

3. Study Your Competition.

Studyrepparttar 117776 ads and web site of your competition.

What might work great for your competitor, may very well be completely wrong for your own project. But justrepparttar 117777 act of research and study of your competition may very well spur you onto new ideas and projects.

Following these few hints can increase your traffic, response rates and even your sales!

Make your project a personal extension of what you need to accomplish with it.

Set aside a consistent amount of time that you can afford to invest daily.

And, test, test, test until you find justrepparttar 117778 right combination of elements to make your project a HUGE success.

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