The Word "Love" is Overused in Todays Society

Written by Gary R. Hess

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Love is when you would do anything to be able to see this person. It is when you jump in front of a car and push your love out ofrepparttar way to save their life. It is when you canít stand one moment without him/her. It is when you think about him/herrepparttar 125418 first moment you wake up andrepparttar 125419 last second before you sleep at night. Love can not be duplicated. Love is love and everything else.

You can not claim you love someone unless you have that special feeling deep down whenever you see that person. You feel lifted off your feet and have all your fears taken away.

The word should not be thrown around like a piece of meet, but preserved for that special someone who will not leave you for another woman or man and would do anything for you to be with them and yourepparttar 125420 same.

Saverepparttar 125421 word forrepparttar 125422 right person. Preserverepparttar 125423 meaning of love and use it towards those who deserve it.

Gary R. Hess is a writer and webdesigner at Break Up Poetry

Ten Top Reasons To Give Gift Baskets!

Written by La Tunya Sifford

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(1) Easy and painless to order

(2) They are beautiful and memorable

(3) They are customized to suit your style

(4) Contain quality products

(5) They fit into any price range

(6) They are loved by all age groups

(7) Every part ofrepparttar gift is useful and practical

(8) Can be given for any occasion

(9) Can be personalized

(10)They arerepparttar 125417 perfect gift

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