The Word FREE is a 4Letter Word!

Written by Damon Smith

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eZine Advertising:

Stillrepparttar most effective advertising onrepparttar 135992 internet today withoutrepparttar 135993 HUGE COST! If you did a search using Google or Yahoo you will find that there are over 300,000+ listing for eZine Advertising! It would take you forever to findrepparttar 135994 few that haverepparttar 135995 targeted market you are looking for. Solo And TopSponsor Ads will get yourepparttar 135996 best return. Classified Ads in eZine Newsletters are ok to use to. You can subscribe to a eZine and getrepparttar 135997 FREE advertising just for being a subscriber. But how many people really look at your ads that are mixed with 10 to 20 other opportunitys? Not Many, Why?? Becauserepparttar 135998 marketers that use FREE Classified Ads are just going to be looking for their own ads to see if they ran in that issue or not.

Instead of having to spend days looking forrepparttar 135999 right eZine to put your opportunity in there are places on line that are called eZine Co-Op that have groups of publishers that will run your ads to their subscribers inrepparttar 136000 effort to get your affiliate program or productrepparttar 136001 kind of return on investment.

Below is ONE OF THE BEST Advertising eZine Co-Ops onlne today called BSP Advertising Co-Op. Nate Holland runs a GREAT responsive group of publishers that will handle your advertising needs in a manner that will make you want to come back again and again because it is something that works!

JointVenture Advertising:

One ofrepparttar 136002 biggest ways to get your product or service out in front of THOUSANDS withoutrepparttar 136003 cost of advertising! This is something that I would say DONT fall underrepparttar 136004 FREE word. JointVenture's are when two program owners get together and swap advertising for each others product. You do not have to own a business to JointVenture with others. You just have to know how to go about it! There is one place online that will not only show you just how to do this but it also has members that are some ofrepparttar 136005 biggest names online in marketing and advertising!

The program is called JvAlert and is ran by a VERY BIG NAME marketer that goes by Ken McAuthor. Ken knew what he was doing when he come out with this program. You can get a NO COST REPORT that will give yourepparttar 136006 info you need to understand how Joint Ventures work by going torepparttar 136007 link below.

Start learning today what you can do to makerepparttar 136008 most out of your affiliate program without making everyone else RICH! And when someone tells you that you can do it for FREE then you need to read this article again because FREE is not going to get you where you want to be!

Good luck in your online ventures!

About The Author: Damon Smith is one of the internets best publishers that shoots from the hip when it comes to TRUTH and how to succeed online. He has worked with some of the internets TOP BUSINESSMEN AND WOMEN to help others get what they are searching for in a online business. Check out for more information on how he can help you do the SAME!

Using Ad Agencies and Designers

Written by Bob Nicholson

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So far we’ve talked about printed advertising and promotion, but for most businesses,repparttar internet has also become an important promotional tool. Print design, web design, and e-mail promotions require different skills and tools, so you may use different firms for each. However, there are some advantages if you can find a single firm to handle all your needs. The design firm can make sure that your print and web communications project a consistent image. And you will only need to provide your event information and promotional goals to one firm, who can then make sure thatrepparttar 135983 print ads are placed,repparttar 135984 website is updated, andrepparttar 135985 e-mail invitations are sent. Some firms can also handle other design tasks, including menus, signs, and promotional items.

Typically, in order to get this range of services, you’ll need to work with a mid-size agency or design firm. There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing large or small agencies:

An individual designer (free-lancer) or very small agency can give you personal attention and often lower rates. But you will need to work around their schedule if they are out sick or on vacation, and you will need to find a new designer if they change jobs. Individuals and very small agencies probably cannot provide a complete package of design services.

Mid-size firms give your somewhat less individual attention, and may charge a higher rate than free-lancers. But onrepparttar 135986 plus side, they can provide a broader range of services, and they have several designers on staff so they can accommodate your needs even if someone is out, or if you need a lot of work done for a key event.

Large firms can offer a full range of services and a large staff to meet all your needs. Unless you are a large account, you will probably get little personal attention. (In fact, in a large firm,repparttar 135987 smaller accounts are often given to junior designers and trainees.)

So, how should you choose?

Above all, find a firm whose work you like! Ask for samples and references, and if possible meet withrepparttar 135988 designers before making a selection.

Decide if you want to hire a design firm (and managerepparttar 135989 ad planning and placement yourself) or an ad agency to provide more assistance with your promotional planning (most ad agencies will also provide "design only" packages if you prefer).

Find a firm that is large enough to meet your needs, but small enough to care about your business. We typically find that local, neighborhood businesses are best served by free-lance designers or very small firms; regional or metro-market businesses do well with mid-size firms, and major national companies getrepparttar 135990 best results from large firms (and can afford to pay for them).

Talk torepparttar 135991 firm about how you will measurerepparttar 135992 effectiveness of your advertising. It’s a good idea to try different types of advertising over time to see what works best for you. Consider coupons and special offers to measure how many people are responding to your ads.

Remember that evenrepparttar 135993 best advertising campaign gets stale over time. Plan for (and budget for) occasional reworking you advertising. Most designers respond very well to an opportunity to do something new for a client, and you will getrepparttar 135994 best results from both your design firm and your customers if you freshen your advertising every 6-12 months.

Thanks to LunaGraphica Inc ( for input and suggestions on this article! Lunagraphica is a boutique advertising and design agency specializing inrepparttar 135995 arts, entertainment and youth markets.

Bob Nicholson provides business and strategic consulting to internet start-ups and entrepreneurs through his company, WYGK Consulting (

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