The Wine and Green Mushroom Caper

Written by Kathleen Jerauld-Brack

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The basement turned out to be an extensive wine cellar, home to Andy’s most coveted wine collection. Row upon row of bottles lay carefully filed on their sides, separated by vintage and other important details known only to him.

Seeing water leaking fromrepparttar heating duct over his head he quickly reached up and pushedrepparttar 135346 edges tighter together to see if he could seal offrepparttar 135347 leaky area. Instead,repparttar 135348 duct opened with a long squealing sigh, separating like a rhino’s jaws sending gallons of water gushing overrepparttar 135349 wine bins and flowing down torepparttar 135350 lowest section ofrepparttar 135351 floor knocking over a row of shelves nested there. There, inrepparttar 135352 lowest, darkest, coolest cave-like opening was Andy’s most precious and newly-tasted collection of wine. Picking uprepparttar 135353 bottles one by one,repparttar 135354 handwritten labels began to slide off.

More and more labels became dislodged and before long, there were labels floating everywhere.

After a few minutes Andy stood back and took stock ofrepparttar 135355 situation, there was only one thing to do. And it was urgent.

We needed to taste and graderepparttar 135356 wines as soon as possible, before he forgotrepparttar 135357 content of each ofrepparttar 135358 bottle’s washed off labels. And, which bottle was which.

We set up our tasting table nearrepparttar 135359 shelves ofrepparttar 135360 now label-less wine bottles. Andy would chooserepparttar 135361 bottle, write down what he remembered aboutrepparttar 135362 label contents and we would all tasterepparttar 135363 wine, commenting onrepparttar 135364 flavors, acidity, etc., allrepparttar 135365 things a wine connoisseur might want to know. We pressed on throughrepparttar 135366 afternoon intorepparttar 135367 late evening, untilrepparttar 135368 last naked bottle had been tasted and Andy had completed his notes in his journal. All in all, we had tasted our way through about 27 bottles of wine.

We had no business driving back to our motel inrepparttar 135369 condition we were in, but we were wet, exhausted and probably getting onrepparttar 135370 nerves of our host by then.

After a few days we received a most gracious note from Andy, thanking us for our help and fortitude. The house was almost back to normal, andrepparttar 135371 waterbed had been replaced with an airbed.

We wondered, could he risk blowing himself up with one?

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Starbucks Coffee Company

Written by Gary Gresham

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In 1992repparttar company went public and afterrepparttar 134930 initial public offering, Starbucks continued to grow at a phenomenal pace that no one had ever seen inrepparttar 134931 coffee world before. By 1997repparttar 134932 number of Starbucks Coffee stores grew tenfold, with locations inrepparttar 134933 US, Japan and Singapore.

Starbucks initiated several successful product and brand extensions including offering coffee on United Airlines flights. They also began selling premium teas through its Tazo Tea Company and offering peoplerepparttar 134934 option to purchase starbucks coffee online to enjoy at home.

They began distributing whole bean and ground coffee to supermarkets through an agreement with Kraft Foods. They also produced premium coffee ice cream with Dreyers. Starbucks even sold CDs in its retail stores.

Starbucks began turning its name into a household word not through advertising but through word of mouth. In fiscal 2004, Starbucks opened a record 1,344 stores worldwide. The once small regional roaster, Starbucks Coffee Company, now has more than 9,000 locations in 34 countries serving over 20 million customers a week.

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