The Who, What, Where and When of Color In Your Documents

Written by Paul Curran

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A situation where you may consider color for internal purposes would be forrepparttar production of safety messages. These need to stand out and be noticed.

Finally remember;

  • Don't use too many colors or too much colored text. You may loserepparttar 147287 impact and readability ofrepparttar 147288 work.

  • White text on a black background is harder to reader than black on white.

  • Similarly, avoid placing too many color pictures, images or icons on a page.

  • Use a color photograph in preference to an illustration or drawing..for selling in particular.

  • Used correctly, color can break uprepparttar 147289 monotony of black-and-white text reading.

  • Whatever color theme you have, stick to it throughoutrepparttar 147290 document or presentation.

  • Graphs and charts in particular will capture more attention if in color.

  • Forrepparttar 147291 graphs etc, don't forget to explain whatrepparttar 147292 colors mean though!

  • And don't forget to put captions under pictures. Apparently people read these more thanrepparttar 147293 copy!

  • Don't use too many different font types. One type for 'headers' and one forrepparttar 147294 body text should be sufficient.

  • Carry out a readers test on various samples before settling on your final selection.

  • Ask several people for their opinion onrepparttar 147295 samples. Ask them aboutrepparttar 147296 readability andrepparttar 147297 impact factors.

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Welcome to the iPod Generation

Written by William Frazier

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I say all of this to let you see that I possibly 'might' know what I'm talking about when I say there's a change coming. There are a lot of young adults enteringrepparttar 'disposable income' criteria. They are examining things a lot differently than their predecessors. They are looking forrepparttar 147286 "cool factor". If you don't have a 'cool factor' built into your marketing mix, pretty soon you're gonna have a pretty hard time making sales. Unless you plan on staying exactly where you are atrepparttar 147287 moment. Many feel comfortable and are reluctant to change. Myself; well, I see change as a welcomed invitation to innovation and invention. Its an exciting time!

You, me, we all need to take this coming inevitability into serious consideration forrepparttar 147288 longevity of our business(es). It would behoove you to take heed to these words; even though I can't really "prove" it to you... but you'll see. Mark my words. :)

Peace, Love and Prosperity, William

William Frazier

William is a professional musician, producer and web developer with several CD and business credits under his belt. PUSHlogs and Credit Repair Central. This article may be freely reprinted online with this resource box intact. 2005, tHg, LLC. All rights reserved.

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