The "What" and "Why" of Working at Home

Written by Carol Dorman 2003

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Equally as, if not more, important to your decision to work from home is your reason for doing it ie: your "Why". Is your "why" your young children you want to be with duringrepparttar day instead of dropping them off atrepparttar 117306 day care centre? Perhaps your "why" is a different lifestyle, a money issue or a combination of many.

Whatever your "why" is it isrepparttar 117307 driving force behind what you do in your business. It isrepparttar 117308 reason you start it andrepparttar 117309 motivation to achieve your goals.

So, to sum up, once you have thoughtfully explored WHAT business you want to work at from home and WHY you are doing it you have endless opportunities and myriads of choices at your feet. Of course, it goes without saying that due research into any business must be undertaken before a final decision is made. Even while researching a company, your skills of discernment and decision-making are being tested and honed.

When you finally know that you have foundrepparttar 117310 business that's right for you there's just one more thing to do....GO FOR IT!!!! To your success ;) Cheers.

Carol Dorman is a WAHM from Sydney, Australia and publisher of Nurture the Nurturers ezine - "the ezine for every woman, everywhere" To subscribe To request her FREE report titled: EARN $$ WHILE PROTECTING YOUR FAMILY

Finding Your Niche on the Internet

Written by Angela Wu

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As you do your research, try to assessrepparttar demand (ie. how many people are looking for that type of product) in relation torepparttar 117305 supply (ie. how many businesses providerepparttar 117306 product and how well they do at meetingrepparttar 117307 demand). Ideally, a great niche market would be one for which there is high demand but not (yet) enough supply.

There is alwaysrepparttar 117308 possibility that there's no real demand forrepparttar 117309 product, which is why no one has bothered to create it. Most people would prefer to find this out before they invested a great deal of time, effort and money into creating a product no one wants!

Even if you don't create your own product but instead decide to promote affiliate programs, a great deal of work still goes intorepparttar 117310 promotion of your affiliate link.

One way to research a new idea is to runrepparttar 117311 key phrases that represent your business throughrepparttar 117312 NicheFinder software ( ). This software will automatically produce several informative and eye-opening reports and charts to help you assessrepparttar 117313 potential of your idea.

Some people start businesses related to their current line of work because they already have many ofrepparttar 117314 skills and repparttar 117315 experience they need. Others build their business around specific interests or hobbies. Regardless of what you do, be sure it's something you *want* to do -- don't choose a niche solely because "other people are doing it" or because you think "you can make lots of money". Do what you love, and *enjoy*repparttar 117316 journey to building a profitable business.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Angela is the editor of Online Business Basics, a practical guide to building a business on a shoestring budget. It features loads of instantly usable tips and tools that were specifically chosen for beginners. For details, visit or download the free trial version of the Online Business Basics manual:

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