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Written by Martin Day

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Did they findrepparttar information they were looking for?

How easy did they find navigatingrepparttar 131656 website?

Would they recommendrepparttar 131657 website to others?

A good website survey will be brief and will gather information that once analysed will provide valuable information to help improverepparttar 131658 website.

Another alternative to a traditional survey is to embed one or two survey questions withinrepparttar 131659 website after specific procedures. For example atrepparttar 131660 end ofrepparttar 131661 registration processrepparttar 131662 visitor can be asked if they foundrepparttar 131663 procedure quick and easy; after ordering an item they could be asked if they foundrepparttar 131664 ordering procedure and payment methods to their liking. To ensure thatrepparttar 131665 questions don’t become repetitive to regular visitorsrepparttar 131666 website can be programmed so thatrepparttar 131667 questions are only asked once per registered user.

Website surveys takerepparttar 131668 mystery out of working out what visitors think of a website and using online survey websites such as they are quick and easy to design and once implemented will really becomerepparttar 131669 webmaster's assistant.

To see a sample website survey please follow this link:-

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Simple steps to making more web sales

Written by Matt Eliason

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These are just some ofrepparttar subconscious questions we ask and answer during our appraisal, as we turnrepparttar 131653 item, hold it up against our skin or place on a finger.

Ifrepparttar 131654 answers are not instantly evident, we askrepparttar 131655 sales person, who also provides encouraging comments aboutrepparttar 131656 item and your good choice.

So how does this translate to a web site?

Simply by addressingrepparttar 131657 natural flow of consumer assessment on your web site.

Here are some basic steps you need to take: 1.Enhance your product descriptions; don’t expectrepparttar 131658 image to sellrepparttar 131659 item for you. Describe howrepparttar 131660 item feels, smells, its weight. Are all items highest grade? 2.Make best use of images. If people try it on (jewellery, clothing etc) as part ofrepparttar 131661 normal appraisal process, how can you best meet that need online? Do you need pictures ofrepparttar 131662 necklace being worn on different skin types, or if clothing how does it look on different complexions and hair colours? 3.Tell people how they will feel by owning this item – that they will they look a million dollars in that dress, they will attract admiring glances, that it will enhance offrepparttar 131663 colour of their eyes – all designed to reassurerepparttar 131664 customer that they are makingrepparttar 131665 right choice. 4.Makerepparttar 131666 returns policy statement with each item. Include it inrepparttar 131667 text perhaps like; ‘we are so confident that you will be delighted this ‘productname’ that if you are not 100% satisfied, return within XX days for a full no questions asked refund”.

If you are unsure aboutrepparttar 131668 buyer process for your product, go down to a retailer and go throughrepparttar 131669 motions of buying your product, observe others, listen to what they ask sales staff.

Implement these steps and you will see your sales rates increase.

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Matt Eliason is CEO of PlusOne -> Marketing Media Communications – He has over six years internet marketing experience and also runs several successful e-commerce web sites. Take advantage of PlusOne’s free website appraisal offer at

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