The War on Women

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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"Many of their practices were purely shamanistic, whilst others were more closely connected with medieval magical rite. But they were notrepparttar only magicians amongrepparttar 140732 Celts, for we find that magic power was frequentlyrepparttar 140733 possession of women andrepparttar 140734 poetic craft. The art magic of Druidism had many points of comparison with other magical systems, and may be said to have approximated more to that black magic which desires power forrepparttar 140735 sake of power alone, than to any more transcendental type. Thus it includedrepparttar 140736 power to render oneself invisible, to changerepparttar 140737 bodily shape, to produce an enchanted sleep, to induce lunacy {Their foes were obviously already quite there. The fact is thatrepparttar 140738 communion is a blood ritual of a type Dracula or Count Dracul ofrepparttar 140739 Rosicrucian order that de Vere belongs to, practice.}, andrepparttar 140740 utterance of spells and charms which caused death. Power overrepparttar 140741 elements was also claimed...

A manuscript preserved inrepparttar 140742 Monastery of St. Gall and dating fromrepparttar 140743 eighth or ninth century, has preserved magical formulae forrepparttar 140744 preservation of butter andrepparttar 140745 healing of certain diseases inrepparttar 140746 name ofrepparttar 140747 Irish god Diancecht. These and others bear a close resemblance to Babylonian and Etruscan spells, and this goes to strengthenrepparttar 140748 hypothesis often put forward with more or less ability that Druidism had an eastern origin."

Your mother wears army boots! This is such great academic insight! Did it cross this feeble-minded nitwit’s brain thatrepparttar 140749 reverse is true? The Etruscans weren't even in existence when Fell showedrepparttar 140750 Druids in New England withrepparttar 140751 Maltese style of buildings that pre-date Babylon. It obviously is not written by a Druid and there are those like D. J. Conway who we saw in 'CtIC' who would cast a spell onrepparttar 140752 craziness of such an author. This image of Druidism is unfortunatelyrepparttar 140753 norm just asrepparttar 140754 Hermetic Gnostics and other heretics have been savaged by purely selfish power-trippers seeking to destroy mankind’s souls and make everyone equally in their power hungry grasp. I left outrepparttar 140755 story he told of a Druid who lost a battle overrepparttar 140756 elements with St. Columba who learned a lot in Iona aboutrepparttar 140757 spiritual side of reality. I did so because I don't really want to prove that Christianity is a black magic driven cult and that they are projecting their own weaknesses onto others. That is a matter for other books to deal with. My comment about de Vere may not make sense to any who haven't read 'CtIC'. He wroterepparttar 140758 foreword to Genesis ofrepparttar 140759 Grail Kings by Gardner and his own book was quoted in it as well. The Sarkeny Rend Rosicrucians ofrepparttar 140760 Masonic 'octopus' was a large part ofrepparttar 140761 Templarist regime that funded and maintainedrepparttar 140762 Columbus discovery of America for so long.

"..Druids often accompanied an army to assist by their magical art in confoundingrepparttar 140763 enemy.

There is little doubt thatrepparttar 140764 conception of a Druidic priesthood has descended down to our time in a more or less debased condition in British Celtic areas. Thusrepparttar 140765 existence of guardians and keepers of wells, said to possess magical properties, andrepparttar 140766 fact that certain familiar magical spells and formulae are handed down from one generation to another is a proof ofrepparttar 140767 survival of Druidic tradition, however feeble. Females are generallyrepparttar 140768 conservators of these mysteries, but that there were Druid priestesses is fairly certain..."

The Ostrogoth leader Totila was such a barbarian inrepparttar 140769 sixth century that he freedrepparttar 140770 slaves. Didn't he know that slaves are a symbol of status and cultural refinement? ‘Ostro’ means ‘light’ as inrepparttar 140771 ‘white light’ and spiritual adepthoods ofrepparttar 140772 Druidic ‘kapnobatai’ who taught Orpheus and Pythagoras. Didrepparttar 140773 Druids have concubines in their celibate priesthood? Who was screwingrepparttar 140774 children inrepparttar 140775 monasteries of Roman Domain? It is impossible to capture 'the deceit ofrepparttar 140776 psychopomps and priests who hide in temples. The Druids still conduct their ceremonies inrepparttar 140777 open, and perhapsrepparttar 140778 starting point of all mans' problems can be traced torepparttar 140779 building of Temples andrepparttar 140780 resultant buying of favorable divinations inrepparttar 140781 Mediterranean. Here are a few words from a woman who has a different perspective if for no other reason than that fact.

"Inrepparttar 140782 most popular myth, Ariadne's story has been rewritten, her voice almost obliterated. Yet she wasrepparttar 140783 legitimate head of church and state regarded asrepparttar 140784 cradle of European civilization. Ancient Crete in its prime ruledrepparttar 140785 Mediterranean, thriving onrepparttar 140786 export of its crafts andrepparttar 140787 exploitation of relatively uncivilized tribes inrepparttar 140788 Aegean area. Among those 'barbarians' wererepparttar 140789 ancestors of Plato and Aristotle {A major 'woman-hater' and part ofrepparttar 140790 reason why Aquinas andrepparttar 140791 Catholic Church worked his 'science' into their dogma.}... Some time between 1800 and 1400 B.C.,repparttar 140792 last matriarchies inrepparttar 140793 western world were crushed...

She devoursrepparttar 140794 Manuscripts as if after a long famine. And yet she continues inrepparttar 140795 ceremony as if untouched by thought. A battle rages between her and Minos for control ofrepparttar 140796 worship. He has inserted a prayer and expanded it, and he is having scribes record on tabletsrepparttar 140797 story of his receivingrepparttar 140798 laws from Zeus onrepparttar 140799 mountaintop {Moses is notrepparttar 140800 first to come up with this idea and neither was Minos.}. It is remarkably like a Babylonian tale I once heard. Only thererepparttar 140801 king’s name was Hammurabi.” (3)

Hammurabi (1792-1750 B.C.) was a great MAN who hadrepparttar 140802 vision and wisdom to pronounce and codify that a girl isrepparttar 140803 legal property of her father until sold by him to her husband. In Athens women were brought up to be ignorant so that men could feel important and manlier as they abused and lorded it over 'the weaker sex' duringrepparttar 140804 time of Socrates. He felt differently and it probably contributed to his being forced to drink hemlock. He said: "Ifrepparttar 140805 difference consists only in women bearing and men begetting children, this does not amount to a proof that a woman differs from a man in respect ofrepparttar 140806 sort of education she should receive."

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Equality in Business? Not if I Can Help It

Written by MaryAnn Shank

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I daresay that Grandma didn’t care about floppy scarves. She had more important things on her mind. And so should we.

We have families that need our guidance and love. We have communities that need our leadership and sensitivity. We have a world that can benefit immensely fromrepparttar gifts that we, as businesswomen, can bring to it. And we have businesses that need … yes, a woman’s touch.

My other grandma raised her family by herself, too – 5 children and a disabled husband. She was a nurse, bless her heart. It is for her, andrepparttar 140588 legions like her thatrepparttar 140589 modern women’s lib movement is meant to help most of all.

It is due torepparttar 140590 armies of women in mid-20th century who fought for equal pay, better working conditions, child care, health insurance, Medicaid programs and work sharing that our part ofrepparttar 140591 world has become such a better place.

We certainly haven’t won all of our battles. There is still a long way to go. But, my goodness, can you imagine what our world would be like if we had been like men? If we had simply put on suits and said, “Yes, sir.”

No, we opted to be different. We opted to representrepparttar 140592 under-represented,repparttar 140593 poor,repparttar 140594 neglected. And more power to us for having tried. I will opt forrepparttar 140595 way ofrepparttar 140596 turtle, slow and steady, so that as we win our wars, everyone will benefit.

There was a History channel program recently that showed Nazis proclaiming that US women could never help inrepparttar 140597 war effort because we couldn’t do anything more severe than dust a table. They didn’t know Rosierepparttar 140598 Riveter, or you or me.

I celebrate our difference.

I will fight tooth and nail so that women and minorities don’t have to be equal to men.

Will you join me? It’s time.

Ms. Shank is founder/president of Her decades of experience in the man's world of business finance gives her a unique, wry outlook on the issue of equality.

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