The Value of Software in Our Daily Lives

Written by Bill Platt

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Now returning torepparttar challenge ofrepparttar 133565 little guy, we little guys do not have deep pockets to sell you onrepparttar 133566 value of our products. So, with Shareware and Trialware, we let you try our software for free for an amount of time, and then we hope and pray thatrepparttar 133567 consumer will find value inrepparttar 133568 product and opt to pay for our products.

Other companies have seenrepparttar 133569 skeletons of companies who have triedrepparttar 133570 Shareware and Trialware and have failed. These other companies usually prefer to post their software onrepparttar 133571 market as Adware. The theory here is thatrepparttar 133572 consumer is often so fickle thatrepparttar 133573 developer would prefer to take their chances with advertisers payingrepparttar 133574 bills, rather than to rely onrepparttar 133575 consumers to payrepparttar 133576 bills.

Many people jump up and down, scream and holler about software that employs advertising to payrepparttar 133577 bills. Yet,repparttar 133578 same person doingrepparttar 133579 hollering, if placed in a situation where he was told that he would need to go to work everyday without any expectation for a paycheck, would explode in fury!

Would it be better that these dedicated software developers did not produce any software at all? Should software development be left only to Microsoft?

I don't know about your household, but in my household, if I don't bring inrepparttar 133580 money, then I would be minus a wife and family! So,repparttar 133581 challenge I am left with --- if I want to work in software development, I must find a way to get hired on at Microsoft, find millions in seed capital to create value for repparttar 133582 retail market or to build advertising into my software. Me, I have triedrepparttar 133583 shareware route... and then cut my losses and moved on. It was a good product, really it was...

I will tell you what. If I ever write any more software for repparttar 133584 Windows operating system, I will likely create an Adware product. Fromrepparttar 133585 developers perspective, it isrepparttar 133586 safe bet. >Fromrepparttar 133587 consumers perspective, it really should be considered a small price to pay to keep my wife happy and me working to improverepparttar 133588 product.

I am talking about this issue tonight because one of my favorite software packages has gone torepparttar 133589 Adware model with its latest upgrade. Uponrepparttar 133590 release ofrepparttar 133591 new ePrompter software, people were upset to see advertising in this wonderful email notification software.

Let me assure you thatrepparttar 133592 value of this software far surpasses repparttar 133593 small price of looking at a few ads when I check my email. Should I preferrepparttar 133594 developer to continue to work for free, or should I be willing to help him pay his bills while he continues to improve onrepparttar 133595 software? I will support his right to earn money for his time and effort.

ePrompter continues to provide more and more value in my daily life online. Try ePrompter for yourself by downloading your copy at:

I am certain that once you have taken ePrompter for a spin aroundrepparttar 133596 block, you will also appreciaterepparttar 133597 value ofrepparttar 133598 Adware business model, and more importantlyrepparttar 133599 value ofrepparttar 133600 ePrompter software.

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What Makes Apple so Delicious?

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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The mainstream is missing here. That is clearly part ofrepparttar odd atmosphere at web conferences as vendors hawk their wares from fancy show booths . . . and to whom? Torepparttar 133564 enterprise, stupid!

Individual sales for those companies offering small business solutions means income of less than $100 monthly, or licensing fees of between $500 and $2000 for those vendors and not multimillion dollar deals that you read about inrepparttar 133565 Wall Street Journal. This means that those vendors that do offer small business solutions most often don't attend trade shows because they can't reach their audience there. Unless they can also sell their tools to enterprise level Dilbert-like drones, there is little reason to hawk their wares at trade shows.

Are there any folks out there (other than Mac users) who just have a middle level interest, run a small business online and don't sound like they are spelling everything when discussing business applications? CRM, ROI, ERP, J2EE, XML and even SOAP are onrepparttar 133566 tongues of corporate suits. Arerepparttar 133567 rest of us lost and wandering aimlessly through InternetWorld, sponsored by AOL? Evenrepparttar 133568 MacWorld conference seems to be overflowing in stuff only giant corporate Goliaths can possibly afford for their business.

I hope thatrepparttar 133569 adoption ofrepparttar 133570 UNIX platform for OS X makes Apple more successful, but I'd sure hate to see ENTERPRISE software and business users make Apple move to that lucrative market and forget what made them a success inrepparttar 133571 first place, lack of jargon, intuitive commands and pleasing, even fun to use computers. Maybe Apple could develop a GUI for corporate use that reminds Dilbert-like drones that they are WORKING after all! Don't enjoy your time onrepparttar 133572 clock, by golly! The screen is gray and lifeless and commands are full of jargon.

I'd like to propose to Steve Jobs that he attempt another launch of NEXT, which is essentially his basis for OS X. That way, if Big Business adopts NEXT with enthusiasm, we won't loserepparttar 133573 entertaining sound effects, understandable language and attractive graphics that make Apple delicious.

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