The Value of Self-Teaching in Home-Based Marketing

Written by Brian Moore

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To illustrate this point, let me show you what happened in trying to promote my business on a free web site. Before we get into this, though, let me assure where I'm coming from. It's not to persuade you ofrepparttar idea of paid domain names and site hosting asrepparttar 118009 end-all, beat-all solution to success. There's much more to it than that.

I've always been restricted by budgeting concerns. Could I have taken food offrepparttar 118010 table to pay for business expenses that may or may not have earned enough to pay for themselves? For reasons too detailed for this articlerepparttar 118011 answer inrepparttar 118012 beginning was "no". I'm sure most newcomers to this marketplace haverepparttar 118013 same concerns.

Onrepparttar 118014 other hand, when I finally did register my domain name, I soon began seeing more traffic on my site. My domain host is notrepparttar 118015 most expensive one out there, but what paying for a web site gives me is a shorter web address and less down time than with my free hosting service.

Where am I going with this, you ask? Here's where. It wasrepparttar 118016 months of submitting to classifieds, free for all links pages, and search engines with very little gain that finally convinced me. Even though I used funds fromrepparttar 118017 family budget as a leisure expense it has been worth it. I have made sales, and traffic is improving.

For you it may be a question of advertising money, or more basically, time to invest online. Whateverrepparttar 118018 issue, it isrepparttar 118019 experimentation that pays off. Please learn from activities that fall short of profit. That'srepparttar 118020 extra value of self-teaching.

Don't be afraid to try and fail. Be more afraid of not trying for lack of allrepparttar 118021 answers. After a sufficient length of time in business - and I mean months to years, not overnight - your efforts should pay off. You will then be able to try and succeed.

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The Home Working Myth: How to Stay Sane!

Written by Angela Wu

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__Take breaks when you need them.

You're a person, not a machine. Don't force yourself to keep going when you're burnt out. Take some time off to do something you enjoy, and FORGET about work for a while. It really helps! You'll feel more refreshed and ready to tackle your next task.

__Stick to an approximate schedule.

I say 'approximate' because one ofrepparttar benefits to working from home is flexibility! But setting a 'regular' schedule (barringrepparttar 118008 occasional deviation) helps you to stay on track and get things done.

__Keep your sense of humor - but don't be a wimp.

You're WORKING from home, so don't get swindled into caring forrepparttar 118009 neighbor's kids everyday ('as a favor') or running errands for friends or family ('because you have lots of time'). No doubt some people will think that 'working from home' is equivalent to 'munching snacks while watching daytime TV'. Learn to say a guilt-free NO!

Treat yourself right, and enjoyrepparttar 118010 benefits of being one ofrepparttar 118011 lucky people who can say, 'I work fro

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