The Value of Conferences for the Independent Publisher/Author

Written by Maxine Thompson

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Butrepparttar most significant thing I gained from conferences was an insight intorepparttar 149502 Zeitgeist—the German word forrepparttar 149503 spirit of an age, a trend of thought and feeling in a period--inrepparttar 149504 African American Publishing Industry. Just asrepparttar 149505 Civil Rights movement resulted from a Zeitgeist—Black people as a whole getting tired of being treated like second class citizens—the new Black Renaissance in Literature has arisen fromrepparttar 149506 same backlash.

Acrossrepparttar 149507 board, writers have gotten tired of being locked out from mainstream publishing. With desktop publishing, affordable graphic designs,repparttar 149508 Internet, and print-on-demand, e-books, teleclasses, many writers have become publishers and information entrepreneurs.

I recently attendedrepparttar 149509 second annual Los Angeles Black Book Expo on 6-10-05 at as a panelist.

Every year forrepparttar 149510 past 5 years I’ve been a panelist and workshop conductor at Dr. Rosie Milligan’s Black Writers on Tour. (

I will be participating as a workshop conductor with my hometown Detroit Literary Entrepreneur Conference on 8-26-05 to 8-28-05.

To find out about local conferences in your area, go to

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Self Promotion Brings Business Success

Written by Wendy Maynard

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2. Persuade naturally: Develop a partnership with your customers. Approach each client's situation as a team effort, rather than something that you are supplying. Don't rattle off your capabilities; instead, tell your prospect a story about how you helped another client.

3. Develop your personal presence: A winning image starts with how you look. Pay attention to your appearance,repparttar way you make eye contact, how you use your voice,repparttar 149482 things you talk about, andrepparttar 149483 firmness of you handshake - these reflect how well you think of yourself and how you want others to think of you.

4. Createrepparttar 149484 right telephone presence: A phone call may berepparttar 149485 first contact you have with a potential customer. Createrepparttar 149486 same kind of atmosphere that you would in a face-to-face meeting. Listen carefully to what your prospective client says and really respond.

5. Handwrite a message in your correspondence: Include this personal touch whether it's a thank-you note or a simple P.S. atrepparttar 149487 bottom of a letter.

6. Show your customers that you appreciate them: Do things that help your clients. For example, record a "tip ofrepparttar 149488 day" on your voice mail message, send clients two tickets to a special event with a note, photocopy interesting articles and send them to clients and prospects with a hand-written "FYI" note and your business card.

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