The Value of 4 Color Business Cards Printing

Written by Mart Gil Abareta

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Using 4 color business cards printing has lots of advantages for your publishing needs. Almost all professionals including doctors, lawyers, teachers, real estate agents, professional businessmen, bank executives, andrepparttar like generally produce clean looking business cards that are printed four colors on expensive white, textured card, maybe with a few expensive embellishments such as embossing or gold foiling. They are advertising their success and professionalism through quality cards from 4 color business cards printing. These business cards usually stand out because they are well-designed and expensively-produced.

The main reason why some people avail 4 color business cards printing services is because you’ll have something with your name and phone number to give to interested people or clients so they don't have to memorizerepparttar 144241 details or write them on a piece of paper soon to be lost or discarded. Whenrepparttar 144242 time comes that you’ll realize that your business card is an advertisement for you and your business, have them printed through 4 color business cards printing. Remember that your customers will often associaterepparttar 144243 attention you put on your business cards withrepparttar 144244 attention you put on your products and services.

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Seven Common Marketing Problems Solved by Marketing Operations

Written by Gary M. Katz

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Marketing Operations facilitates knowledge sharing, an enduring repository of information and greater decision-making based on fact, as opposed to hunch. PROBLEM #4

Constrained creativity

The best creativity comes from many brains working together in collaboration. A consequence ofrepparttar age ofrepparttar 144240 "individual contributor" director is constrained creativity. Whenrepparttar 144241 entire creative burden falls mostly on one outbound marketing person,repparttar 144242 ability to think out ofrepparttar 144243 box can be severely impacted. Creative synergy results from many minds thinking as one. SOLUTION

Marketing Operations enablesrepparttar 144244 creative process to benefit fromrepparttar 144245 synergy of team. PROBLEM #5

Failed supplier relationships

Most successful companies can point to strong, long-term marketing supplier relationships as integral to their success. Likewise, a pattern of failed supplier relationships is often an indicator of marketing department failure, rather than poor vendor performance. Unfortunately, companies that have had consistently bad relationships with outsource suppliers often react by seizing control and bringing everything in house. While this strategy may providesrepparttar 144246 illusion of control, it lets marketing managers deflect blame for failures, rather than teaching them how to manage their outsource suppliers by taking responsibility forrepparttar 144247 results. In addition, this strategy won't scale withrepparttar 144248 growth ofrepparttar 144249 organization. SOLUTION

Marketing Operations helps set realistic expectations and mutual accountability between suppliers andrepparttar 144250 organization, increasingrepparttar 144251 effectiveness of outsource partners by empowering them to act as an extension ofrepparttar 144252 internal team. PROBLEM #6

Lost discretionary budgets

Use it or lose it. Misuse it and lose it anyway. Many corporate marketing departments are leaving discretionary budget onrepparttar 144253 table or allocating it to repparttar 144254 wrong initiatives. This discretionary marketing budget "Catch 22" occurs because:

• It's very time consuming to managerepparttar 144255 budget effectively, especially in companies with broken financial systems • Each marketing spend-decision creates more work forrepparttar 144256 one-person or small-team marketing department in terms of project management, measurement, supplier management, etc. • Doubt persists aboutrepparttar 144257 ability to successfully justifyrepparttar 144258 expenditure to management • Focus is instinctively on high-visibility marketing activities and C-level executive "requests" over fiscal management (marketing people are more inclined toward marketing than finance) SOLUTION

Marketing Operations facilitates implementingrepparttar 144259 system support infrastructure and financial management discipline needed to protect precious marketing budgets. PROBLEM #7

Narrow marketing mix

Many companies align their fate withrepparttar 144260 success of too few marketing programs. Whether it's lead generation, public relations, trade shows or advertising,repparttar 144261 over-reliance on any one particular program can derail a company-especially if a key program unexpectedly loses momentum. Inrepparttar 144262 meantime, programs that could have had strong leverage never get a chance to prove their mettle and are forever relegated torepparttar 144263 "B" list. SOLUTION

Marketing Operations putsrepparttar 144264 means in place to launch potentially high-value marketing programs that would never otherwise get out ofrepparttar 144265 starting gate.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, Marketing Operations is an organization's best bet to: • Ensure that success can be measured and replicated • Leverage systems and processes to enable consistently excellent performance • Encourage great marketing departments to stay together • Allowrepparttar 144266 marketing organization to flourish, despiterepparttar 144267 unexpected, but often inevitable, loss of a key employee.

Gary M. Katz, APR, is president and CEO of CommPros Group (, a Santa-Clara, Calif.-based firm that provides marketing operations services to help companies leverage their marketing investment, plus a variety of outsourced marketing program management services to support lean marketing departments.

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