The Usefullness f Traffic Exchanges

Written by Yvonne Finn

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But were they ever "alive"?

Did traffic exchanges ever work, as promised or as they should have? It is my personal belief and experience that as a marketing tool, Traffic Exchanges, are not effective now and unlikely to become so inrepparttar future.

The only reason anyone would surf any of these programs would be to find a business offer, but this can be done more efficiently by visiting one ofrepparttar 134995 search engines, such as Google.

If you have a business, whether e-commerce or "brick and mortar", you want to make money. Your time is one ofrepparttar 134996 best investment that you can make in your business. Spend it wisely! Pursuing unproductive methods will soon grind you down and undermine your confidence.

Learn some ofrepparttar 134997 truly effective methods and formulas that will get you and business noticed and respected onrepparttar 134998 Internet.

Write helpful articles, use an autoresponder, put up a well designed website as soon as you are able to. Join and contribute sensibly to forums that match your business theme. Buy advertisement or use free tightly targeted free classifieds.

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6 Reasons Why Your Not Making Money Online

Written by Daegan Smith

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5.Do you know how to market to your market?

This is where many fail. They think if they have a website and they have traffic then magically they should be making money. That's notrepparttar case at all. You have to now how to offer your product or service to your market in such a way that they take notice and see value in what you offer. Your unique selling position must be compelling to your prospects.

6.Do you follow up with your prospects?

Do you have way to follow up with your prospects? If you don't have a method of follow up then you're really missingrepparttar 134960 boat. Most ofrepparttar 134961 money that you make in any business is made inrepparttar 134962 follow up. If you don't currently follow up with your prospects do it.


If you can answer yes torepparttar 134963 questions above then you're probably making money in your online business. If not, find out where you're weak and improve. When you can answer yes to all ofrepparttar 134964 questions above then you will be making online I promise.

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