The Unwritten Rules of Advertising on Forums

Written by Martin Avis

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It isn't just buyers you will put off. The most successful people online harnessrepparttar power of joint ventures - doing a deal with another marketer to sell your product for a commission. If you become known as a spammer, joint ventures will be a closed avenue for you. Nobody will touch you.

But don't despair. There is a solution. It is to take a softly, softly approach.

First, read every post on your target boards. Look out for recurring themes as they will often guide you to areas you can research. Many an info product has been born from questions raised on forums.

Next, whenever there is a question or comment that you can add to - do so. Answer questions generously and without trying to push any product or service.

Ifrepparttar 100941 board allows it (and it is vital to checkrepparttar 100942 'rules'), put a very short link to your site in your signature line. But on no account mention it in your message.

For example, I might sign myself off like this:

Martin Avis - Free Business Insights Every Friday

Every once in a while ask a relevant question. And always graciously thank anyone who answers you, even if you don't agree with them. That way you are not just being polite, but you are also doubling your postings. Never, ever enter into an argument over someone's reply to you - however rude they may seem.

Over time, you will become a known member ofrepparttar 100943 board. People will appreciate your input and you will become an accepted member.

When that time comes, you can begin to occasionally mention your service or product in posts, providingrepparttar 100944 relevancy is absolutely clear. But only those.

This way,repparttar 100945 boards will become an excellent marketing medium for you.

Any other way and you will get nowhere.

If this all sounds in any way cynical, I guess it is. But it is based onrepparttar 100946 real, hard reality of Internet etiquette: 'People do business with people they like'. Add 'trust' to that and you seerepparttar 100947 whole picture.

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Five easy ways to add punch to your words

Written by Angela Booth

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Let's say you're writing a letter to your bank, whining aboutrepparttar latest foul-up with your account.

"Unfortunately I was climbing my front steps when I opened my card statement, and I was so surprised I tripped. The bruise on my shin's blossomed from red to blue to dark-blue, and I'm gulping painkillers every four hours. You need to put warning labels on your envelopes."

Not hard to write, and not boring either. You're just telling what happened.

4. Get enthusiastic

What you're feeling comes through in your words, always. So, to liven up your words, you have to be interested in what you're writing about.

This can be hard, but luckily enthusiasm is transferable. For example, let's say that you're writing a presentation for your latest product. You don't likerepparttar 100940 product, you can't imagine that anyone will ever like it, much less pay money for it. In that frame of mind, guess howrepparttar 100941 presentation will sound?

OK, close your eyes and imagine your favourite pastime, let's say it's swimming. You're doing lazy laps inrepparttar 100942 pool,repparttar 100943 sun is shining, you've gotrepparttar 100944 whole day to yourself, maybe a movie later...

Hold that feeling! Keeprepparttar 100945 feeling, and dive into writingrepparttar 100946 presentation. (Try this, I swear it works.)

5. Tellrepparttar 100947 reader what to do

Always tellrepparttar 100948 reader what you want him to do.

If you're writing an ad, don't forget to giverepparttar 100949 address ofrepparttar 100950 store, or give a phone number. You'd be amazed at how much advertising is happily inserted into everything from newspapers and Web sites torepparttar 100951 Yellow Pages without giving basic contact information.

If you're writing a letter, or an e-mail message, dorepparttar 100952 same thing. You may think that what you wantrepparttar 100953 reader to do is obvious, and it may be, but giverepparttar 100954 instruction anyway.

Try these five techniques, and please send me a message ( to tell me about your results. If you've got other techniques that work for you, tell me about those too. I'm always looking for ways to make writing easier. If I use your technique in a future article, I'll happily give you credit.

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Australian author, journalist and copywriter Angela Booth has been writing professionally for over twenty years. She writes business books and copy for businesses.

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