The Universal Serial Bus

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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As you can see fromrepparttar above specifications, USB 2.0 is 40 times faster than USB 1.1. But most operating systems do not yet have native support for USB 2.0. Microsoft has released USB 2.0 drivers for Windows XP. You can download them fromrepparttar 107824 Windows Update site:

You can plug a USB 2.0 device into a USB 1.1 port, but you will only getrepparttar 107825 12 Mbps transfer speed. Similarly, you can plug a USB 1.1 device into a USB 2.0 port, but you will only getrepparttar 107826 12 Mbps transfer speed.

If your computer was built in 1997 or later, you probably have USB 1.1 support. The USB Implementers Forum provides a free utility download that examines your hardware to determine its USB capability. You can download it from: If you have a computer with USB 1.1 support, you can use an expansion card that provides USB 2.0.

Manufacturers of USB 2.0 devices provide drivers that work with Windows 98 or higher. First you insert a CD that comes withrepparttar 107827 product to installrepparttar 107828 driver. Then, when you plug inrepparttar 107829 USB cable,repparttar 107830 port will automatically configure forrepparttar 107831 device.

The USB standard requires cables to operate at a length of up to five meters, but many hardware manufacturers guarantee their products to work only withrepparttar 107832 much shorter cable that they provide. ----------------------------------------------------------- Resource Box: Copyright(C)2002 Bucaro TecHelp. To learn how to maintain your computer and use it more effectively to design a Web site and make money onrepparttar 107833 Web visit To subscribe to Bucaro TecHelp Newsletter Send a blank email to -----------------------------------------------------------


Specialized Solutions Unveils New CompTIA Server+ Training

Written by Cheryl Pelchat

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"We've found that taking Server+ first then delving into vendor-specific training makes sense. The technician brings torepparttar class a strong grounding in server technology that helps him or her quickly grasprepparttar 107823 key differences inrepparttar 107824 vendor's products."

Specialized Solutions new CompTIA Server+ training joins their complete line of IT technical training, including CompTIA's Security+, CDIA+, LINUX+, and A+. They also offer a full line of desktop application, safety, and business skills training.

About Specialized Solutions, Inc.

Upon Specialized Solutions, Inc.'s inception in 1996repparttar 107825 company focused primarily on training forrepparttar 107826 IT industry. Specialized Solutions has since expanded its horizons, offering custom computer based training (CBT), onsite instructor-led training, and online training strategies for a vast array of topics involving many aspects of corporate technology and culture. Specialized Solutions utilizes learning techniques to address an individual's learning style through *SAVI concepts.

Specialized Solutions, Inc. provides cost-effective self-paced learning solutions to successfully train Specialized Solutions' students for a new career in information technology or to meet continuing education objectives inrepparttar 107827 information technology industry, as well as preparation for certification exams.

*Specialized Solutions concepts arerepparttar 107828 assessment of learning styles based onrepparttar 107829 Somatic (learning by doing), Auditory (learning by hearing), Visual (learning by seeing), and Intellectual (learning by thinking) techniques.

For Immediate Release: Specialized Solutions, Inc For more information:338 E. Lemon St. Cheryl Pelchat - Web SpecialistTarpon Springs, FL 34689 cherylp@specializedsolutions.comFebruary 25, 2003 1-800-942-1660 ext. 237

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