The Universal Laws that Create Your Future

Written by June McHardy

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As soon asrepparttar acorn is planted,repparttar 123885 patterned plan sets up an attractive force and begins to attract everything that vibrates in harmony with it. It attracts allrepparttar 123886 necessary particles of energy fromrepparttar 123887 ground and they begin to join up and grow. As it expands, little shoots grow out ofrepparttar 123888 bottom, forming roots. Also they begin to grow upward, finally breaking throughrepparttar 123889 earth. These top shoots then begin attracting molecules fromrepparttar 123890 atmosphere, continuingrepparttar 123891 growth until one day, it becomes an oak tree.

Unlikerepparttar 123892 human creature,repparttar 123893 acorn does not haverepparttar 123894 ability to change its vibratory rate. It therefore can only grow into what it has been programmed to become - namely, an oak tree. But you and I haverepparttar 123895 ability to change our vibratory rate and therefore we can choose our own programming. The goal or image that you plant into your wonderful mind by constantly dwelling upon it isrepparttar 123896 patterned plan or nucleus which determines what you will grow into. It determines what you will attract to you and what you will repel.

As Bob Proctor says, "This is an orderly universe; nothing happens by accident. The images which you plant in your marvelous mind instantly sets up an attractive force which governs your results in life.... It's up to you to get into harmony with what you want out of life rather than what you don't want.

 Clearly, you'll never get into harmony with prosperity if you insist on holding images of lack and limitation. Since you're always magnetized towards something, it follows it can never be anyone else's fault when something comes into your life which you supposedly do not want. Understand, you have ordered it, and it is being delivered to you, right on schedule."

So program your mind with worthy goals and ideals; weed, feed and attend to those seeds and you'll see them grow into YOUR FUTURE.

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Written by June McHardy

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By now you're probably saying "But I just don't haverepparttar time to read any books!" Well, one way would be to reducerepparttar 123884 amount of time you spend readingrepparttar 123885 newspaper or watching TV. . . or you could get up a half hour earlier each day to read undisturbed and, as Brian Tracy says, "milkrepparttar 123886 golden hour"

But by farrepparttar 123887 most powerful way of findingrepparttar 123888 time to read is making your car your "College on Wheels". We all know that we spend thousands of hours a year driving to and from work. Most people will listen torepparttar 123889 radio. But what if you took this time to listen to books on tape? Or what if you listened to tapes on your subjects of interest by experts inrepparttar 123890 field? Byrepparttar 123891 end ofrepparttar 123892 year you could haverepparttar 123893 equivalent of 2 college semesters! Another added bonus of listening to tapes in your car is thatrepparttar 123894 stress ofrepparttar 123895 drive will decrease and you'll actually arrive feeling more refreshed and relaxed.

Careful though, you can become addicted to this successful habit! So start now. It's never too late to become success-oriented!

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