The Universal Calibration Lattice® - Your Own Personal Connection to the Universal Energy Source

Written by Eli Galla

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Beforerepparttar activation ofrepparttar 150359 UCL in 1989, our connection with spirit was upward torepparttar 150360 heavens, connecting to cosmic transmissions, and beneath our feet to ground withrepparttar 150361 energy and power of Gaia. This wasrepparttar 150362 vertical dynamic ofrepparttar 150363 old energy.

Nowrepparttar 150364 horizontal dynamic is in play. This is our time to mature into a more powerful spiritual enablement. The horizontal spiritual dynamic involves honoring and recognizingrepparttar 150365 sacred nature ofrepparttar 150366 here and now, which exists in every direction around us.

As we exercise and strengthenrepparttar 150367 horizontal fibers, (the figure 8, self-balancing loops) ofrepparttar 150368 UCL we will increase our co-creative ability. This is a key part for creating our evolution. It is our spiritual path inrepparttar 150369 new energy to manage energy, creating heaven on earth.

Each ofrepparttar 150370 4 prisms represents different directions of energy flow. The front prism corresponds torepparttar 150371 future. The right side represents what we give out, andrepparttar 150372 left side is what we receive.

The back prism represents our personal history, or our past. This is where a lot of excess electromagnetic energy surrounds old, fear filled or worry filled events, which keep on repeating in our lives. There may be events from your past, even past lives, that you may not be consciously aware of. These events may still be creating a charge that affectsrepparttar 150373 present. If you have not sufficiently resolved such events, they divertrepparttar 150374 energy and affect everything you do. These are called residual energies and becauserepparttar 150375 energy is unbalanced surrounding these events they will cause a variety of unwanted effects in your daily life.

Balancing ofrepparttar 150376 back fibers helps to release and recyclerepparttar 150377 excess charges of energy in your energy body. The ability to release & rearrange these energy charges creates an opportunity for release that is often called a karmic release from restrictions ofrepparttar 150378 past.

This is a way that we can directly reclaimrepparttar 150379 energy we have devoted to highly charged emotional attachments from our past. When we put our intent inrepparttar 150380 fibers, which are made up of conscious elements of light, they respond to our intentions. During an EMF session we give intent to clear old karmic agreements and free uprepparttar 150381 energy that was attached to past events. We are freed fromrepparttar 150382 cycle of having to reliverepparttar 150383 same old patterns. This is a transformation process we have gifted to ourselves with this new energy dynamic.

The UCL makes wisdom andrepparttar 150384 higher spiritual understanding of our being available to us onrepparttar 150385 earth plane. Through EMF we have createdrepparttar 150386 foundation that supports self-empowerment and being enlightened.

Eli Galla is a certified practitioner ofrepparttar 150387 first four sessions ofrepparttar 150388 EMF Balancing Technique®. He helps his clients integraterepparttar 150389 new energy dynamic, by providing information about prayer, meditation, and nutrition. He specializes in “distance” sessions overrepparttar 150390 phone. He may be contacted at 206-344-5164, &

I read the originator’s, (Peggy Phoenix Dubro) chapter, in Kryon Vol. 7. It resonated with me, so much that I received the first four sessions in April of 2004. I felt the flow of energy move through me in a more un-restricted way. When I would resist finding new ways of dealing with the same old polarities I would more acutely feel them manifest in my body. Ultimately I found new ways of dealing with them to accelerate the processing of them.

Understanding of I-Ching and Tai Chi

Written by C. Guan Soo

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Thirdly,repparttar movement growing or shrinking ofrepparttar 150220 yin and yang elements withinrepparttar 150221 Tai Chi diagram suggests that life changes constantly to and from between good and bad, joy and sorrow, happiness and sadness, high and low and between any two extreme qualities. This isrepparttar 150222 dualistic principles in I-Ching.

In any events or things, there are two qualities within. There's no such thing as complete good or perfectly bad things. It isrepparttar 150223 degree of good, or bad that matters.

Take for example, can we say that a person is good because there's no bad quality in him, or a person is bad because he or she have never done any 'good' at all??? A good person may at times been guilty of small bad deeds, and a bad person may at times have some good in him or her. Isn't it?

A good thing may have some negative side in it. And vice versa, a bad thing may have some positive side in it. It depends on how we perceiverepparttar 150224 issue. That’srepparttar 150225 dualistic principles in I-Ching.

This goes torepparttar 150226 next concepts. Inrepparttar 150227 diagram, within each element, there's a dot in it. The black section has a white dot, whilerepparttar 150228 white section has a black dot. What does this means? We move now torepparttar 150229 next statement: The Two Elements give rise torepparttar 150230 Four Phenomena. This means, inrepparttar 150231 yin element, there will be yang element and vice versa, inrepparttar 150232 yang element, there will be yin element.

What does it means to us?

In any events or things, there will be some good inrepparttar 150233 bad, and some bad inrepparttar 150234 good. Just like there's some yin inrepparttar 150235 yang, and some yang inrepparttar 150236 yin. For example, when a person wins a race, others will loserepparttar 150237 race. There's bad news withinrepparttar 150238 good news, there's sorrow amongst joy, there's losing among winning and so on.

In life, there will be mixtures of good and bad, joy and sorrow, happiness and sadness, winning and losing, high and low, and it all come in a 'package'!

Therefore, we should learn to be more give and take - and acceptrepparttar 150239 nature of life as it is. Enjoyrepparttar 150240 good things, and acceptrepparttar 150241 bad one bravely and gracefully. This will then help us to achieve a more balance and harmonious life.

Tai Chi's concepts of yin and yang became influential torepparttar 150242 ancient Chinese, and found its way intorepparttar 150243 philosophy, theories, medicine, art of war, religion, arts andrepparttar 150244 way of maintaining life. It has found its way into Daoism, which in some ways, people claimed that Tai Chi is underrepparttar 150245 idea of Daoism, which is not quite true. It should berepparttar 150246 other way round.

Whatever it is, understandingrepparttar 150247 principles of I-Ching does help us to understandrepparttar 150248 nature of life itself to better balance and manage our ups and downs to face our daily chores and challenges. And I wish all of you success and harmony in your life. Mayrepparttar 150249 Energy of Tai Chi be with you!

Written by: C. Guan Soo

A meditation, martial arts, Tai Chi Chuan practitioner for the past 23 years, who has great interest in the Eastern philosophies and Buddhism as well.

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