The Uniqueness of Missoni

Written by Sher Matsen

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From it’s inception in 1953 Missoni was very experimental. Sometime duringrepparttar 1980s it lost its way and became intrenched inrepparttar 150177 more classic looks and styles. Withrepparttar 150178 help of Angela it has found its way back to its roots.

The designs are once again bold, funky, younger looking. So watch forrepparttar 150179 new face or shall we say old face ofrepparttar 150180 well known Missoni family with Angela now leadingrepparttar 150181 way.

Angela’s designs have been worn by many famous stars such as Sandra Bullock, Eva Mendes, Rachel Blanchard, Debra Messing and Sheryl Crow.

It’s going to be an exciting season with Angela’s imagination running wild what we will see onrepparttar 150182 runway this season can only be left torepparttar 150183 imagination. Keep your eyes wide open!

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Choosing The Right Foundation For You

Written by Gerti Soderquist

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Any foundation form - liquids, powders, and mineral powders work well with normal skin types. Choose a formula that feels comfortable on your skin.

If you need minimal coverage, a tinted moisturizer followed by powder, is a good choice, especially during hot weather. A nice powder to try is Alexis Vogel's Pressed Powder in translucent shades.

Dry skin:

You'll need to choose a foundation that camouflages dry, flaky skin. A good choice would be a moisturizing form of liquid foundation or a crème foundation, which help to makerepparttar skin look dewy and moisturized, and help softenrepparttar 150106 appearance of wrinkles.

Be sure to use a good moisturizer to help hydrate and soften your skin prior to application. Also, a foundation primer provides additional moisturizing benefits and helps to make your makeup stay on longer.

Use powder sparingly - especially around dry patches, so that unflattering areas aren't accentuated, making you look older.

For Flawless Coverage:

Choose a crème foundation for flawless coverage - which is superior to liquids and powders to insure coverage of any skin discoloration; scars, broken capillaries, dark circles and other marks. A great crème foundation is Alexis Vogel's Crème Foundation.

Adjust as needed:

Once you've foundrepparttar 150107 perfect foundation for your skin, you'll need to adjustrepparttar 150108 shade seasonally between summer and winter, if you tend to tan.

Perfect Application:

Apply foundation fromrepparttar 150109 center of your face and blend outwards. Apply all over - even to your eyelids, lips and down below your chin for a more natural look. This also helps to "set" eye shadow and lipstick, so you'll get longer wear.

By Gerti Soderquist

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