The Unholy Trinity or How the Inernet Got Its Wings!

Written by Titus Hoskins

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However, this wireless universe could not be possible without one other key element. The one element that also helped giverepparttar Internet its wings. The answer might or might not surprise you. What really gaverepparttar 135689 Internet its groove? Can you guess? Give up?

Finally, we come torepparttar 135690 last element of this brand new liberated Internet -repparttar 135691 little notebook computer.

Don't underestimaterepparttar 135692 power of this great little revolutionary device; it is doing forrepparttar 135693 Internet whatrepparttar 135694 cell phone did forrepparttar 135695 phone industry - making it wireless, portable, and accessible anywhere.

It could even be argued that it wasrepparttar 135696 little notebook computer that gaverepparttar 135697 Internet its freedom. Finally cuttingrepparttar 135698 cable and freeingrepparttar 135699 web, once and for all.

Once we had a portable computer that we could tuck under our arm and take anywhere; we naturally wanted to takerepparttar 135700 Internet along with it. After all, a computer withoutrepparttar 135701 Internet is like having Mickey Mouse without Disneyland - a real downer - any kid can tell you that!

Oncerepparttar 135702 notebook or laptop computer gained in popularity,repparttar 135703 demand for a wireless Internet grew right along with it. The portability factor being a strong selling point for bothrepparttar 135704 notebook andrepparttar 135705 Internet.

Likewise, in order to take full advantage of each of them for business operations, for personal communications, for emailing, for web surfing, etc. - a wireless portable Internet wasrepparttar 135706 obvious next step. They compliment each other perfectly and one is not completely whole withoutrepparttar 135707 other.

Technology has created this unholy trinity -repparttar 135708 Internet, wireless connections andrepparttar 135709 notebook computer - to fulfill our need for a portable communication system that we can take and access anywhere. Until now, repparttar 135710 Internet was limited, tied to cables and never really got offrepparttar 135711 ground!

But watch out;repparttar 135712 cables are cut,repparttar 135713 training wheels are off,repparttar 135714 bells are starting to ring real fast and this child has found its groove.

Every time a notebook opens,repparttar 135715 Internet gets its wings!

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The Power of Topical Search Engines

Written by S. Housley

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Advertisers will also flock to search portals that are industry-specific, as they appreciaterepparttar unique benefit of reaching a very targeted audience who have a higher likelihood of purchasing their product or service.

Considerrepparttar 135688 niche search engine, Alarm Tools - . The traffic this portal attracts will be of significant interest to manufacturers of security equipment or emergency supplies. Imaginerepparttar 135689 targeted traffic that an alarm company could receive from a link inrepparttar 135690 above search directory.

Comtemplaterepparttar 135691 quality traffic a financial planner could glean from an RSS search directory focussed on finance and investing at .

Locating topic-specific search engines is not all that difficult. Consider usingrepparttar 135692 resources provided by Search Engine Watch, Web Search Engines, and Search Engine Guide to locate engines that are topic-specific:

Search Engine Watch - Web Search Engines - Search Engine Guide -

Qualified 'clickers' or interested buyers is what it is all about; whether you are selling a product or advertising,repparttar 135693 more targetedrepparttar 135694 trafficrepparttar 135695 betterrepparttar 135696 fit. As an advertiser, consider topic- specific search engines. As an online marketer, consider creating a niche search portal, asrepparttar 135697 market is ripe.

About the Author: Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for NotePage a wireless text messaging software company.

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