The Undeniable Power of a Mastermind Group

Written by Murray Hughes

Continued from page 1, originally created by Matt Gill and Kevin Wilke is an excellent example of a mastermind group in action. I have watched as these guys have grown and continue to grow their Internet marketing empire to one ofrepparttar most profitable and innovative online today. They embracerepparttar 136304 mastermind principle torepparttar 136305 point of actively creating programs that bring new talent into their group.

Joint ventures are probablyrepparttar 136306 most common kind of online mastermind group where an arrangement is made between 2 or more parties for mutual benefit. For instance, I may have a product that would be of use torepparttar 136307 people in your mailing list. We put our minds together and come up with a way that I can send my offer out to your list and we both make some money or receive other benefits as a result.

In all walks of life and any endeavorrepparttar 136308 Mastermind is a formidable force. If you haverepparttar 136309 opportunity, associate yourself with like minded individuals and great things will be made possible.

Written by Murray Hughes

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Our Defining Moments

Written by Glen Gould

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As human beings, we were designed to take action. "Do something, even if it's wrong" became a popular saying some time back and it is no wonder. We value action and loathe inactivity. Knowing this, we can determinerepparttar most powerful defining moments in our lives.

The most powerful defining moment in our life occurs immediately followingrepparttar 136288 decision not to do something. The action or lack of action at this moment leavesrepparttar 136289 greatest impression on our lives, and we aren't even aware it happens!

I decided not to lie. Five simple words that carry with itrepparttar 136290 powerful message: "I am honest. I can be trusted. I will not compromise my integrity". If we stick with this, we reaprepparttar 136291 benefits. This is a positive example. Unfortunately we have become a society of people who focus onrepparttar 136292 negative, so here's a negative example as well.

We decide to loose some weight. This is a good decision. We takerepparttar 136293 action step of planning an exercise program. Again, this is good. The defining moments to this point are those of a person who will not only loose weight, but who will also follow through, take positive action and achieve success. The next morning when we wake up and decide NOT to exercise, all this is lost and we have defined ourselves as a person who will not loose weight, will not take action and will not be a success. In addition we define ourselves as failures. Each day, a new opportunity will come to define ourselves. The more days in a row we take either action will determine which person we are:repparttar 136294 exerciser (the success) orrepparttar 136295 couch potato (the failure).

We must realizerepparttar 136296 power ofrepparttar 136297 seemingly little decisions we make all day, each day. Decisions that happen in a blink of an eye carry with themrepparttar 136298 consequences that will shape our personality, determine our integrity and control our destiny. These snippets of time are our defining moments.

Glen Gould is a Director of the Inspiration Agents, a company of individuals dedicated to having a positive impact on the lives they encounter. The Inspiration Agents develop content rich workshops, seminars and coaching sessions for individuals, companies, clubs, chambers and associations. For further information visit

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