The Ultimate Sales Organization

Written by Chris Bradford & Brande McCreee

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What happens when you go to a church you are not already a member of?

You walk inrepparttar door and are immediately approached by people welcoming you torepparttar 122595 service. They are warm, friendly, and not overly pushy. But, they let you know they are happy there and they feel you will be too.

They talk to you about your possible involvement, and how you will fit into their organization. They will often even offer you a position on a committee or some other area of responsibility, to draw upon your ego and encourage you joining.

After you join, it is almost certain you will be offered a position of responsibility. This is to get you involved, to make you feel needed and obligated to participate, and, of course, to draw off your ego.

You are invited to functions to socialize withrepparttar 122596 members. This helps you develop relationships with other members, creating a new circle of friends with whom you will want to spend your time, and making it more difficult for you to leaverepparttar 122597 flock.

Don't misunderstandrepparttar 122598 purpose of this article. I am not belittling churches, I admire them for not only for their marketing abilities and what they add torepparttar 122599 community, but forrepparttar 122600 hope they offer their members, of which I am one. But, if we want to be successful with our marketing efforts, who better to emulate than one ofrepparttar 122601 greatest marketing organizations in history, your local church.

Chris Bradford and Brande McCree are the publishers of MLM Success Today, a weekly newsletter offering original articles written by its publishers for both the experienced and the beginner network marketer.

YOUR MISSION, if you choose to accept it, Kunle...

Written by Gary Harvey

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